Get Pampered and Stamped at Nailaholics

by - November 21, 2016

I love how our country is located in tropical part. It surely has lots of perks, for one it’s almost perpetually sunny and there’s beach accessible to many. There’s also almost year-round airy summer fashion and thanks to the regular dose of Vitamin D most have a healthy glow to their skin.

What is wonderful about this weather is that some days is always sandal-season. This is the kind of season where you want to show off your toes and of course your tips for everyone to admire.

What better way to spend your “me-time” in your favorite nail salon. Nail salon has flourished in the metro with its various nail packages but only Nailaholics can pamper you from tips to toes, keep it in top shape that keeps you coming back for more.

There’s good news to all who always frequent Nailaholics and it’s a bonus treat its loyal customers.  

Brand Officer Ms. Lorraine Batterina of Nailaholics says, “Each visit to Nailaholics beginning November 21 until March 31 means you’re pampering yourself for a bonus little treat.”

With the use of your Pampering Card, each visit to have your regular manicure and pedicure or indulge in one of Nailaholics’ signature packages and treatments will get you a stamp. With five stamps you can get your sixth mani-pedi for free.

“This is our way of making sure that you’re hands and feet are completely ready no matter what season, and of course, letting our loyal customers know that we appreciate them,” ends Ms. Baterina.

So why not visit Nailaholics and don’t forget to get your Pampering Card.

You can visit their FB page for more details.

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