Of Debt and Investment

by - October 07, 2016

In one time or another some of us may have fallen under the burden of debt, I know how it feel and may be you do too. The discomfort and the feeling of helplessness brought about by being debt-ridden is something you do not wish even for your greatest enemy. It’s a never-ending cycle, some have risen above it and many are still burdened by it. It’s a cycle we want to get out of.

During the SunLife #Money4LifeChallenge workshop with Coach Aya Laraya, I learned that there’s good and bad debt. I always thought that debt is bad because you are using money that you will pay in the months ahead irregardless of whether you use it for emergency or you just use it to buy something. And there is a point in our life when we want to save for future emergencies or may be want to start investing.

But how can we do that when we are saddled with debt. Should we save and invest or should we pay off our debt first? This is a dilemma faced by some people. But either way, I think that you will benefit from it whatever decision you made. The important thing is that we have money goals for the future. A finacial goal that includes repaying debts and building retirement funds.

It will just take some self-discipline in your part and the advice of a good financal planner with a strong financial mindset. SunLife’s financial advisors are trained in the way they can advice you to plan for your future. You only have to seek for one.

But think of your debt first and what to do with it. Remember a debt is something you should pay off, it’s an obligation to do so.

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