Becoming Healthy and Fit with Health & Glamour Pure Organic Products

by - October 05, 2016

The use of organic and natural ingredients to food supplement and skin care products may be the rage right now but in truth there’s a need to reduce toxic chemicals and wastes for the good of our planet. That is why many companies right now like Health and Glamour Outsource Marketing Corporation (H&G) are finding ways to help save our environment and discovering products that may contribute to the safety of our health and environment.

H & G, founded in 2016, is a pro-environment advocates company that actively participate in the campaign to promote health and wellness of our body and saving Mother Earth, With the daily increasing cases of various illnesses and diseases brought about by our daily use of highly commercialized products, H&G provides consumers a better option to enjoy organic, natural products that protect one’s health and the world.  H&G also ensures products affordability so consumers will have a powerful choice of shifting into organic, natural products with the same budget on the usual commercial products being consumed.  This powerful choice enables us to contribute to a safer and healthier environment.

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All of their products is geared towards health and guilt free beauty products that are good not only for the body but to our environment as well. Furthermore it offers an opportunity to make you earn as well.

H & G started in Davao, and the group of owners especially its President and CEO Ms. Mirasol Rader believes that there’s a larger market in Manila that will benefit from Health & Glamour Pure Organic Products.

Household  supplies such as shampoo, toothpaste, soaps, coffee and creams are inevitable expenditures that we encounter everyday but we can be wiser now and choose to have these made in pure and organic ingredients.

H&G products are varied such as their Pure Organic Coffee which is made in 100% Vegan Coffee. It is an excellent source of nutrition which c obtains zinc, potassium, copper and fiber as well as Vitamin B6, C, D and iron.

It comes in three variants such as Green Coffee, Alkaline Turmeric Coffee and Fit Coffee (Slimming Coffee) whose benefit includes Anti-inflammatory, Anti-oxidant, fights allergies, regulates blood pressure. helps fight liver diseases, aids in cancer, prevention and treatment, aids in the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis, and many more.

One of my favorites aside from the Alkaline Turmeric Coffee which simply doesn’t have any aftertaste at all, is their Power Pure Organic Meal which serves as a Power Meal replacement. It is a Multi-grain powerful super food Improves memory, reduces heart disease, helps in weight loss, boosts immune system, promotes younger looking skin and creates lots of energy . It is also enriched with micro nutrient, dietary fiber, manganese, Vitamin B1 and Omega 3. The best thing about this product is that It tastes like your usual chocolate drinks.

H & G also have a premium skin care line such as a variety of soaps, shampoo, lotions, and creams. You should try their Shampoo and Conditioner, it smells good and make your hair soft and smooth unlike any other organic shampoo I’ve tried before.

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Moreover, H & G can help you earn because all their products are for retail and business opportunity. You can earn and at the same time help save the environment as well as help others become fit and healthy.

For further information, you can visit their office at Unit 2-D, 2nd Floor, CK Building, 61 Visayas Avenue, Quezon City.


The main outlets are in:
H&G Outlet A
Door 7, Llamas Commercial Complex
Quimpo Avenue, Davao City

H&G Outlet B
Unit 3, CVA Building
J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City

Visit their Facebook page at

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