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by - September 20, 2016

Younger people are getting sick with degenerative diseases and it is increasingly becoming common among them to suffer because they are following an unhealthy lifestyle—they do not have the right nutrients that their bodies need from a proper diet and they lack exercise to keep their bodies in top shape.

Responding to thisunpleasant trend among people, young and old alike, Pillars 5, Inc. aims to foster health and wellness by bringing in all-natural products that helpthe body to rebuild its systems and restore them back to optimal health.

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Through Pillars 5’s network of home-based entrepreneurs, the company’s passion forbringing back health to people has helped not only those in need to get back their lives from all the unhealthy practices, but alsothose people who have a dream of building their own businesses and achieve financial freedom. Pillars 5 is not shy to say that they are a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. However,it has been a big challenge for them to differentiate themselves from most MLM companies and also to expunge the negativepreconceived notions on the industry.

“MLM is an industry with a negative image because of how many of the companiesin it havebeen operating. People have compromised their values and so the industry, as a whole, has been compromised. You will find many people being scammed by companies with less than superior products and dubious business practices,” explains Pillars 5 President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ramon Garcia.  The lack of regulationsfor the MLM industry does not help companies who do their best in building a better image for the industry, especially those with products that can really help people.

“On top of that, many people don’t have a good understanding of the MLM industry that they represent and are not able to communicate what their company has to offer. What we have set out to achieve is to build our business based on five core values: Servant Leadership, Humility, Excellence, Integrity, and Stewardship. Those core values are the uncompromising foundation of our business and, we believe, they will serve us very well now and in the future,” Mr. Garcia adds.

They pass on these core values to their home-based entrepreneurs— their distributors— by building a strong relationship and by educating them on how they can “add value” to their customer’s life. For Pillars 5, it is always the best to educate, train, and equip people so they will understand the business, do it the right way and make an honest living. Relationships drive everything else that happens after that. Along with this, the company concerns itself on how to support their distributors in making their individual organizations grow.

(From left to right): Jimmy G. Fabregas, Director for Special Projects; Ramon  F. Garcia, President and CEO; Tony  Cheng, President of Enzyme Village;  and Andrew D. Trogen, Chief  Entrepreneurial  Development Officer.

“We strive for consistency in what we say and do; staying focused on the company’s vision; staying true to our core values. Over time, this is how people will perceive us differently from the rest of the pack,” Mr. Garcia notes. “We differentiate ourselves from the rest by explaining how we do things differently, i.e., having affordableentry into the business, product emphasis, no hard selling, no false claims and promises, nohype.”

When these relationships with their distributors have been solidified and imbibed with the company’s core values, it is almost always easy for the distributors to market their products sourced locally and internationally.

The Pillars 5 business is well-founded on products that are made from all-natural ingredients that can give people peace of mind on their usage of them. Unlike synthetic food supplements in the market, Pillars 5 food supplements come from whole foods. Because they are whole-foods based, the activity of the nutrients in their ingredients are kept intact to complement the natural mechanisms of the human body so that the cells in the body can be able touse these nutrients readily.

The Executive Team of Pillars 5, Inc. (From left to right): Gertrudes  T. Glissman, Chief Marketing Officer; Karla D. De Pala, Chief Operations  Officer; Jimmy  G. Fabregas, Director for Special Projects;  Ramon  F. Garcia, President and CEO; Tony Cheng, President of Enzyme Village; Andrew D. Trogen, Chief  Entrepreneurial  Development Officer; and Jaylyn P. Trogen, Chief Network Sales Development Officer.

Headlining their product line-up is Life Enzyme, a multi-nutrient supplement. It is sourced from 150 fruits, vegetables, and herbs that have been fermented for 365 days. This process magnifies the nutrients in these ingredients and through the beauty of biotechnology, makes them bio-available to the body. It is produced in Taiwan by their partner, Enzyme Village.

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Nutrishuz Green Foods Health Drink and My TLC Essential Oilsare formulated by their biochemistry expert consultant and produced in the Philippines. Nutrishuz is a delicious veggie drink ideal for people who are always on the go – an energy booster and contains ingredients good at detoxifying and strengthening the immune system. Because of its great taste, even the kids areravingabout it. 

On the other hand, My TLC is an aromatherapy product. A great home remedy for common ailments, it is a special blend of eight essential oilsapplied topically or inhaled, and is a must to carry in one’sbag or pocket. It is powerful because it already makes use of the very essence of a plant in addressing a health issue.

My TLC Essential Oils contain mandarin oil that helps repair skin tissues and generate new cells. It's an oil that heals good and makes you feel good. (official photo)

The Souq Moroccan Argan Oil is sourced from Morocco.It is made of 100% pure extract from the Argan nut kernel and underwentpressing from organically certified operations.  It isa beauty product that rejuvenates the skin and hair, and nourishes and protects the nails.

Their customers all give positive feedbacks but Mr. Garcia constantly reminds that their products are not cures or treatments for illnesses, and would rather emphasize what Pillars 5 products do very well: torebuild and restore. “We help rebuild the immune system so that the immune system will restore the person back to optimal health. Our body is the intelligent healer, not the products. What our products do is give the body what it needs to heal and repair itself.”

Pillars 5 isa company that provides an opportunity not only for those who would want to regain their optimal health back, but also for those who would want to build on their dreams. They tell their distributors that theroad will definitely not be easyfor them, as theyface many challenges in building each other’s dreams, while at the same time,helping change an unhealthy world. But they remind them, too, that challenges can be met and inspirationfrom one can ripple to others, which can result to everyone being motivated.

“We are in the throes of a health revolution and we want to lead it,” Mr. Garcia says. “We feel privileged to be able to help people improve their quality of life and achieve their dreams.”

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