Relationship goals with my SunLife Financial Planner/Advisor

by - September 02, 2016

Choosing a professional financial planner is like looking for a partner in life that will last for years or even a lifetime.  Just like a woman looking for a man we look for things that will provide us stability and secuirty.

So how is finding a partner is a lot similar to finding your own finacial planner.

Know what you are looking for.

As we grow older our priority changes. We no longer look for love; we look for companionship and a stable future. Same with a finacial planner, you want to find someone who will offer stabilty and security.

Look for someone who can do what you need them to do and someone you can talk to. Over the years conversation will be the onlyy thing left to do. A financial planner you can talk to will be open about your fears and trepidation and in turn he will assure you of the best thing to do.

State your expectation.

We all have expectations for a partner.Sooehow it is no longer enough to like a person and vet on your feelings.”He’s the One.” I found him.

The same can be said to your financial planner. You have to know where he came from, what qualities he has that makes him a professional one. The company he’s working for. Surely, you wouldn’t trust your money to someone you just met.

What are the things he can offer?

Placing your life to someone for hopefully, a lifetime is kind of scary. What ifs will surely cloud your mind and other things but then think of the first time you just met and things will go from there.

You know you met the one based from your gut feeling or something has sparked between the two of you.

With your financial planner, remember what happened when youf first encountered him/her. Words may be just something you say without thinking but your first conversation will always be the foundation of your trust in him. Did he make you think of the future?

Are you compatible?

Is that man competent enough to secure your future?  Are you compatible in all ways? Will there be minimal conflicts in the future?

A financial planner knows how to adjust to your timetable and you share enough that you can imagine the future together. Your financial advisor will always want the best for you. Remember that.

Future Guarantees.

Will your partner provide you the directions of how your relationship will go? It may be smooth sailing in the beginning but you know it won’t last and hardwork and effort is needed to make it last.

Your financial advisor will accept you for who you are. As you are both mentally in the same place, he will be able to meet your needs and your trust with each other will make both of you look only toward long term goals.

All the qualities you’ve been looking for is found on your Ssunlife Advisor. Why look for anyone when it is already right in front of you. They are guided by the core values of SunLife. They are caring, professional, inspiring, and winning. As stated in the #LiveBrighter Sessions they will give you a clear path to investing rightly

For more information about investments or if you are looking for a SunLife Financial Advisor, visit or inquire and talk to a Finacial Advisor at 5558888.

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