Nuts about Health at Lily’s Peanut Butter Spread Lite Launch

by - August 17, 2016

Always. As one of my favorite characters in Harry Potter says to his love Lily, Prof. Snape and I share the same sentiment over Lily but mine is a peanut butter devotion to Lily’s Peanut Butter which is the favorite peanut butter spread in my family.

And with everyone getting health conscious nowadays, eating healthy and eating right is no longer a simple fad and with the rise in this health consciousness Newborn Food Products, the maker of Lily’s Peanut Butter for 60 years now has adapted accordingly to this thinking.

After more than half a century of winning the Filipino palate, Newborn Food Products, launched its newest product line, Lily’s Peanut Butter Spread Lite at the Trinoma Activity Center last August 14, 2016. The event was hosted by athlete-turned-celebrity-host Gretchen Ho, actor model CJ Reyes and singer-model John Pol Dimaculanagan

The whole day event featured a variety of fun activities showcasing the health and wellness-created direction of the Lily’s brand. The public also enjoy Zumba sessions, healthy cooking demonstartion, game booths, and special presentation from “Pilipinas Got Talent” finalists the Power Impact dancers. Special raffle prizes as well as high score awards for game booth participants await those people who purchased Lily’s products at the venue.

Made from real peanuts and Stevia extract, Lily’s Peanut Spread Lite is the first locally-produced product lite Peanut Butter in the country. This peanut spread is made from real peanuts and Stevia extract without any of the added sugars or chemical ingredients included in the many low low-fat peanut butter alternatives Om the market.

Stevia extract contains naturally-occuring glycosides providing distinct sweetness despite having no sugar content.

This makes it ideal for today’s health-conscious eaters – from weight watchers and people trying out low-glycemic diets to people suffering from ailments such as diabetis and hypertension. It delivers the same creamy goodness that has made Lily’s a favorite for many decades now. Taste and health don’t have to beesclusive of each other; healthy doesn’t need to be boring.

With this product line, Lily’s engaged itself to be an advocate of promoting healthy snacks, an advocacy that will contnue to manifest in the company’s future projects and events.

As proudly stated by Arch. Ramon Pua, President/CEO of Newborn Food Products, “We don’t just aim for profit – we share Lily’s Ikaw Lang Talaga!”

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