Cuore Bistro and Social Lounge offers Italian Fusion Menu

by - August 11, 2016

The long walk is worth it as I reach my destination – Cuore Bistro and Social Lounge. My friends were out front chatting when I arrived and I like how Cuore looks like a very welcoming house from the outside. As I went inside, the cool athmosphere is bliss and reflects how cool their interior is. I love seeing the mismatched chairs and some of them remind me of our old dining chair back in the province. The decors were meticulously selected and properly placed around the resto.

The bar boasts of a wide array of local and international alcohol and beers. Ms. Kate, one of the partners/owners of Cuore Bistro and Social Lounge told us that many foreigners frequent the place since it opened last February 2016. Cuore, an Italian word for heart, offers a fusion of Italian menu.

For a resto with an Italian menu, they named their dishes in a very interesting way.

Like this appetizer. SKINNY DIPPING. Before your mind wander, SKINNY DIPPING is a bowl of toasted breads served with spinach and creamy cheese dip.


Our SWEET STOLEN KISSES salad came and just like a stolen kiss, it evokes a feeling of excitement when I saw my favorite Arugula and Parma Ham mix together. You can order it solo or to share. 340/495 solo/share

SWEET STOLEN KISSES Php340/495 solo/share

The LEMON BUTTER CHIX AND CHIPS is half a dozen wings glazed with lemon and butter sauce. The chips or the fries are to die for with its savory taste.


BUT the bestseller for me is the CHICKEN GARLIC PESTO DIRTY CALZONE. It is not your ordinary calzone and is topped with grilled chicken and flavored with garlic and pesto.


It goes best with the SANGRIA I ordered.

The rest of the meal consists of pasta. SECOND DATE, an Italian sausage pomodoro is served with buttered bread and YOU”RE KIND OF HOT is a chorizo and garlic aglio olio

YOU'RE KIND OF HOT PhP365/580 solo/share

And the best is yet to come. You know its dessert time when you can smell cinnamon and ice cream among others.

The DEEP LOVER is a panna cotta is flavored with espresso and topped with muscovado. But the dessert I love the best is the DOLCE MARIA. Oh Mamma Mia, the churros is out of this world and topped with salted caramel ice cream and you’re in heaven.



Overall it was a really good meal and made more deliciouus by sharing it with friends and co-workers.

Visit CUORE BISTRO AND SOCIAL LOUNGE at 1-C Valdelcon Bldg. at 20 Jupiter Street Makati City. 

Note: Most photos owned by Ms. Kathy Kenny Ngo

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