The Challenge, the promised cake and Chef Labang of Quim's Cake Bakeshop and Cafe

by - July 07, 2016

When word first spread that a pastry chef is challenging Mayor Duterte to a fistfight last year after the latter indecision to join the presidential race and that his bakeshop is giving away 5 million worth of cakes if Duterte wins in the presidential election, many were skeptical. The amount of bashing Quim's Cake and Chef Jack Labang get is nothing like you could ever imagine.

Many say Quim's Cake got a free publicity but is it good?

I always believe that publicity is still publicity whether good or bad and certainly what happened to Quim’s Cake is a good one especially as they stayed true to their promise of giving away 5 million worth of cakes, never mind the basher.

Last July 1, 2016 we were lucky enough to be one of the online media to witness the first person who availed of the promised cake. He is Jeffrey dela Cruz of Paranaque, a dedicated Duterte supporter, he was quite happy to claim the cake and posed with Chef Jack before the online and TV media gathered that day. Beforehand, we were already privy to the most delicious and moist chocolate cake ever that Chef Jack and Quims Cake is going to give to the lucky people who registered for it.

Jeffrey dela Cruz of Paranaque with Chef Jack Labang

Bloggers x TV5 witnessed the giving of Promised Cake to the first claimant

Chef Jack or Eliquim Labang never foresee how his FB post challenging now President Rodrigo Duterte and promising 5 million worth of cakes could things turn around for him in a positive way. Sure he and the bakeshop suffered all kinds of bashing but he’s not the one to turn back on his words. And he plans on moving forward and making the best of his bakeshop and being the only known Pastry Chef in the country.

Chef Eliquim "Jack" Labang. He named the bakeshop after his nickname Quim
Quims Cake and Bakeshop, named after him, just turned a year old last June 2016. Cakes and pastries were not the only specialty here as we discovered. Chef Jhallow Ignacio who hails from Pangasinan has whipped off one of the most delicious menu in this side of Tomas Morato.

The Red Hot Dory Burger (Php250) is one of a kind. With their red bun and a crispy bacon-wrapped dory sandwiched between them, its spicy flavorings are something you shouldn’t miss.

The Pulled Pork BBQ Burger (Php230) is huge with its heap of pulled pork so savory it is a meal in itself.

The Bolognese Pasta (Php175) is perfectly Italian in all ways with its perfect blend of beef, tomatoes, wine and special herbs and spices.

The Sashimi Mango Sinigang (Php299) is not your usual sinigang because the sour flavor comes from green mango. The sashimi is mixed with vegetable upon serving and you’ll be the one to pour the boiling hot water according to your preference.

When they served the Roasted Pork Belly in Choco-Bagoong Sauce (Php259), we all oohed and aahed. Who can resist a roasted pork belly? The crispy pork belly is a delight and its sauce, a combination of chocolate and bagoong makes it more delicious. I need more rice here, please!

We also get to taste their Moist Chocolate Cake which is also the cake they are giving away. The slice of this cake is filled with chocolate goodness and quite heavy to the usual slice we see in other bakeshop.

Photo Grab from Leo My FB

Come and visit Quim’s Cake Bakeshop and have a taste of their delicious menu.


Quim’s Cake is going to give the promise cake every 1st and 15th day of the month until the promise 5 million worth is kept.

You have to sign up to avail of the free cake and the cakes will be distributed in batches. See the info on their Facebook page.

You will receive an email and that is what you present before claiming your slice of cake. Enjoy!!!

Here are some cake and pastries available at Quim's Cake Bakeshop and Cafe

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