Robert Yupangco for Asia Leaders Forum: Real Estate in the Philippines

by - July 08, 2016

On July 29, 2016, the Asia Leader’s Forum: Real Estate in the Philippines, Shangri-la Hotel, Bonifacio Global City, and Taguig City. It will be a gathering of the greatest minds in the real estate sector and one of the speakers is Mr. Robert L. Yupangco.

One of the country's business tycoon, an eligible bachelor and owns one of the biggest companies in the Philippines, he is also the grandson of our former president Jose P. Laurel. He owns eight strategic companies and is known to work with his one dynamic team, his siblings, officers, partners and employees.

Among his business are the following:

1. Music – Distribution of Yamaha Musical instruments

2. Real Estate – condominiums including partnership with public real estate companies which include Phil Invest · condominiums

3. Motor - Buses, shuttles, coasters, vans, trams, amphibian boats
4. Tourism - hotel parks and wildlife,  hotels, parks & wildlife with ·six zoos in the Philippines, one  zoo in Japan and another being develop also in Japan
5. Industrial products - water
6. Finance - remittance, YL finance, Employees' cooperative and another basic small financing for employees
7. Digital Marketing
8.Trading – operating a dozen restaurants in the Philippines

Known in the business world for his marketing and innovation. Yupangco always tell his partners that, “It’s the team that makes the company, and not the team making a company.”

“The basis of leadership is morality, doing everything with integrity and the basis of morality is righteousness,” from the book of his grandfather that he always read as inspiration.

Certainly Mr. Robert L. Yupangco is one of the businessmen that you will admire. He works with passion and integrity which is a good quality of a businessman. Not only that, he treats all his employees as his partners. He is a very friendly and but has the time to mingle with ordinary people. He has a very creative mind, approachable man, and you will never get bored when he speaks. A busy person, always on the go, and still knows how to balance his personal time and business.

Get to know more about him and how successful he is in the field of business this July 29.  

For more information about the event, for partnership and sponsorship, please call 09166808650 or send inquiries to TAG Media and Public Relations ( organized the event and the marketing arm of Zoomanity Group. Asia Leaders Forum is presented by Prime Philippines.

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