Sun Life leads your way to becoming financially independent

by - June 04, 2016

You're not getting any younger. I used to hear this words a lot during my 20s whenever I'm about to embark on a new adventure. Someone close to me thought I'm just wasting my time and money in my relentless pursuit of having a good time. But being young makes me want to try things and go on adventures and travelling, finances be damned. Hardly a work of a responsible single young lady.

It is only in the past few years that i reliazed I spent my 20s withouht a thought to the future. And time flies so fast I was not able to make a place of becoming financialy comfortable as one of my plans. I was happy then yes, but I should have also equate happiness to financial independence,

But luckily it isn't yet too late for me as I have options to start anew to be financially independent, and you too could achieve financial indepedence in ways you would not thought possible nd just esy.

Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) , Inc, one of the country's top-ranked and longest-standing life insurance company have a comprehensive, customizable financial planning program that will ensure us that we will have a sufficient funds for evry stages of our life.

As we celebrate June as Financial Independence Month, Sun Life highlights the national importance of financial preparedness among Filipinos. "This June marks a new beginning as Sun Life embraces its goal of serving five million clients in five years," Sun Life President and CEO Riza Mantaring said.

Sun Life aims of serving five million clients by 2020 under the "Rise PH" Plan reflects our goal of becoming financially indpendent.

It must be noted that in our country only a small percentage utilies financial products such as investment and insurance. Many of us thinks differently when it comes to investing and many are full of doubts when topics such as this is being raised. But Sun Life will make initiatives that will reach out to a broader market and prioritize thus boosting its finacial literacy advocacy.

Sun Life iniativs includes cooperatin with 8990 Holdings, Inc., one of the country's top mass housing developers in promoting finacial literacy.

Another initiative s the Money for Life, a comprehensive planning program customizable for each client. For this Sun Life created a 360-degree visual reality (VR) video where you get to be transported to a different scenarios based on your chosen life stage. This VR enable viewer to live the dream for a minute and will help you inspire and be encouraged to start planning for your future witn Sun Life Money for Life and others life insurance and investment products.

This VR is viewable in a customized bus called "Bus to the Future". The "Bus to the Future" will be making its way to different malls and campuses nationwide from June 11 to July 2 and in each stops, Sun Life financial advisors will be on hand to accomodate inquiries.

And if you're not able to visit and wait for the bus, you can still be a ble to make a finacial journey with the Money for Life e-planner just by going to and can immediastely start financial planning, get product recommendations and even buy mutual funds from Sun Life Asset management Co., Inc.

One type of this investment is the Sun Life Prosperity Funds where you can jumpstart from a miminum invest of 5,000 pesos. It has a higher potential returns and for as low as 5K it will be diversified among other financial vehicles to minimize risk. It has flexibility where should you change your mind of where to place your funds you can do so and comes with mo charge at all. Your funds will also be managed by professionals who are top in their field and will ensure that your funds will generate the most returns whether short term or long terms. And the best thing about this fund, Sun Life offers the option of redeming this fund any time at the current fund value.

Isn't that the best?

To know more about this you can visit www. or wait for the "Bus to the Future" to come your way where available Sun Life financial advisors will be ready to assist you.

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