Kojie San Men celebrates the saktongpogi with ‘SaktongPogi Night’

by - June 06, 2016

Each girl have their own definition of what makes a guy attractive. Though many still based their standards on looks, Nowadays looks doesn't really matter anymore, we are more into personality and characteristics. But there are times we can't help but admire a guy's certain look and his overall physique and compares them whether he is really pogi or not with our friends. But what makes a guy Pogi?
For us girl, we believe that for a guy to be deemed attractive, he must have attributes such as being confident, well-rounded, independent-minded, goal-oriented, and multi-talented. Most importantly, he must practice good grooming and hygiene and is focused on being the best version of himself.
In other words, it is the combination of a guy’s positive traits that make him attractive. And this is what makes a guy SaktongPogi.
Three cheers for the SaktongPogi
With this, Kojie San Men puts the spotlight on all the SaktongPogi guys of the land with the SaktongPogi Night. To be held at the 12 Monkeys Bar at the Century City Mall, Makati City, on June 2, Thursday, the event promises its SaktongPogiguests to have a grand time as they enjoy good food, beer pong games, and music courtesy of up-and-coming alternative, soul, and indie rock band, SUD.
The SaktongPogi Night will be hosted by popular TV and events host and radio jock Joyce Pring, and will be graced by SaktongPogi ambassadors WilDasovich and Marco Ho. During the event, Wil and Marco—who have both gained local prominence with their YouTube channels Tsong and Tsonggo and Bogart the Explorer from Davao City, respectively—will explain the SaktongPogi concept to the attendees.

Wil Dasovich, Joyce Pring and Bogart the Explorer open the night talking about what the ideal ‘Saktong Pogi’ guy is
Meanwhile, Meredith Villanueva-Balmes, Brand Manager for Kojie San Men, will also be present to talk about Kojie San Men and the brand’s SaktongPogi campaign.
According to Balmes, “Kojie San Men pursues the idea that being handsome isn’t measured solely by how physically attractive one is. He can simply practice proper hygiene and good grooming, and be confident, and still be considered handsome.”
“Proper hygiene and good grooming play a huge part in being ‘saktongpogi.’ And with its line of skin care products, Kojie San Men is here to help men become ‘saktongpogi’—the best version of themselves—by making available to them all the products they need for good grooming and hygiene,” she adds.
The Kojie San Men skin care line includes products for the face and body, namely the Kojie San Men Whitening Body Wash, Kojie San Men Facewash, and the Kojie San Men Whitening Soap and Extra Fresh Soap.

 (from L-R) Saktong Pogi Ambassador Marco Ho aka Bogart the Explorer, Kojie San Men Brand Manager Meredith Villanueva-Balmes, Jinri Park, dating game winner Nico Sicio, Joyce Pring and Saktong Pogi Ambassador Wil Dasovich
Win a date with Jinri!
The highlight of the SaktongPogi Night will be a Dating Game with actress/model and former radio jock, Jinri Park. Two weeks before the event, an online contest was held via the SaktongPogi Facebook page to determine the Dating Game’s five finalists as well as two friends who would act as wingmen for each finalist.
In order to win the game, the wingmen will have to outdo the others by making the best pitch on what makes their friend SaktongPogi.

The winner was determined by Jinri based on her personal criteria on what makes a SaktongPogi guy, and will get the chance to have a date with her right after at their own spot within the venue.
And the lucky guy that won Jinri’s heart that night? He’s no other than Nico Sicio, a professor from Quezon City. And that is Jinri Park's definition of Saktong Pogi because Prof. Nico kind of reminds her of his ex-boyrfriend or so she says.

Lucky guy Nico Sicio scores a date with Jinri Park during the Saktong Pogi Nigh
Social media presence
Both the brand Kojie San Men and the SaktongPogi campaign have their respective social media accounts that feature funny posts and event updates. On Facebook, the Kojie San Men page is at www.facebook.com/KojiesanMensClub while the SaktongPogi page is at www.facebook.com/saktong.pogi. Saktong Pogi also has Instagram page at www.instagram.com/saktongpogi

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