Father’s Day Advice from these Digital Dads

by - June 18, 2016

Did you know that the generation that grew up on the buzzing sounds of dial-up internet is now officially grown up and running the world. In fact, not a few of them are already full-fledged fathers. So we threw a couple of these digital dads a fun, hypothetical question: If they could go a few years back in time (back when 3G was new and their own fathers weren’t yet on Facebook), what advice would they give to themselves on how to survive being a father?

Ian Bacungan, theroguewriter.net/ DWDD

Message for his younger self : “Remember, acceptance freed me and helped me survive fatherhood. Honestly, at first, I was so afraid. I am not prepared to be a father. I am afraid that I won’t be able to support the needs of my children. I was also thinking that party days and good times are over.

Accepting the reality that I will already be a father helped me become a better man and eventually, a better father. Accepting fatherhood gave me a sense of direction and responsibility. Acceptance made me feel a stronger bond between me and my kids. After all, party days are not over, fathers like me should just know out limits and priorities.”

Bacungan is a loving husband and father to two kids. Aside from blogging, he is also a radio anchor and a digital media specialist.

Marco Rafael, m2comms.com

Message for his younger self: “My best advice would be, to face everything that happens and not worry about it too much. I know there are a lot of worries, fears, and anxieties involved with becoming a father. ‘What if she grows up a misfit?’ ‘What if she doesn't like me as a father?’ ‘What if I don't give her a proper life?’ Well, what if you just shut it, man up, and be a father to your daughter? Don't try to overthink stuff. Be the best dad that you can be. Experience not just the pleasures and joy of being a father but also the pains. How else would you explain to your 4 year-old daughter that her beloved grandfather has passed away?”

Marco Rafael is the creative director of digital agency M2 Communications. 

Eli Villagonzalo, Elifestylemanila.com

Message for his younger self: “I keep thinking: If I could have strived more during the earlier days, maybe if I tried to work abroad, or climbed the corporate ladder earlier, or been more aggressive at work, or devoted more time and persistence... But honestly, I have no regrets, only that life could have been much better if I had faced the tougher days when I was younger. So that’s what I would tell myself.”

Photography and writing is Villagonzalo’s passion.

Azrael Coladilla, azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com

Message for his younger self: "Good job for making the best decision for yourself and your family. You might feel like you’re not ready, but you’re going to do great as a young father and husband. Kudos to you, and more power for your future!"

Coladilla is a full-time blogger, freelance photographer, social media manager, co-founder of ToyCon and digital marketing consultant.
Brian Herrera, media-meter.net

Message for his younger self: “It won’t be easy, but it will be the best thing that will ever happen to you. In the course of your fatherhood, you will enjoy every single day of being a dad.”

Herrera is the general manager of Media Meter, a real-time, quad-media monitorin g service.

Enzo Luna, juanmanilaexpress.com

Message for his younger self: “I don't have any regrets having to raise my two kids, and so surviving fatherhood wasn’t a tough job for me. But if I have to go back in time and have a heart-to-heart talk to my young self, I would say to him: ‘Love your kids even more, no matter what they do or what becomes of them. Just keep it cool raising your kids.’

“To date, I don't have big problems with my kids. Their mom and I, we taught them to be responsible and independent at their young age. I'm glad they're growing up well.”

Luna, a former bar promoter, now runs magazine-themed blog Juan Manila Express.

And to all dads out there -  If you could travel slightly back in time, what would you tell yourself?

Happy Father’s Day!

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