High - Powered Tex - Mex Menu Available at Megawatt – Pizza. Chicken

by - March 20, 2016

From afar I could already see the black and white signage that is Megawatt – Pizza. Chicken located at N.Domingo cor Gilmore. And this is where I tasted the most flavourful Tex-Mex cuisine for my lunch.

Photo by Arnie Alesna

Although it is not yet officially open, they have their soft opening for a month now, the restaurant is completely finished. Located in the upper floor of LG2 Carwash Station’ you can have lunch or dinner here while waiting for your car to be cleaned.

Upon entering, the sight that will get the most of your attention is the collection of toys and shoes in one big glass cabinet. I thought it was a collection on display but I was told that most of them are for sale. I want to take home the big Iron Man doll. I know they don't call it a doll.

Photo by Arnie Alesna

Megawatt is not your typical chicken and burger joint and as the name implied you might be wondering where the name Megawatt came from. recent visit to one of the power plant stations in the Cotabato where cement-finished flooring, solar panels and bright yellow power generators caught their eyes and sparked the idea of having a restaurant theme patterned from it. Taking the concept to a whole new level, the owners emphasizes on it being an Eco-friendly dining place wherein everything from the cups to utensils are made from recyclable materials; the restaurant is powered partially by clean energy provided by the solar panels, diners can see how the panels can create a renewable source of energy through sunlight alone.

Photo by Arnie Alesna

Photo by Arnie Alesna

Also, some of the tables are made from solar panels. and those decorative lights from the ceiling is powered by the two solar panels that can be seen outside.

The kitchen staff are dressed in sky-blue grocers’ jackets and dark gray caps, and the counter is propped with drinks and bottles of sodas and teas and of course alcoholic drinks. You can order in the mini window and they will also serve you thru it.

Most of the dishes comes from Tex-Mex cuisine and they are savory, full of flavor and the taste just explodes in your mouth. Almost everything is a bestseller but my favorites are the chicken and pizza. And of course who can forget their coffee and the best House blended Currant, it's not a sin to consume a few cups of it just as long as you devour their burrito, chicken, pizza and the juiciest burger in this side of Quezon City.

Megawatt is Located at 41-A N. Domingo corner Valencia St. in the heart of horse-shoe village in Quezon City, bordering Robinson Magnolia and in front of LG2 Carwash Station comes an electrifying eat-while-you-wash dining concept. Apart from having a uniquely themed restaurant, diners can feast their eyes with the wide array of limited edition toys, and memorabilia that will be showcased inside the dining area, where some of which can be bought by diners. 

To the car enthusiasts, and the yuppies who loves to take care of their cars as much as eating great food, be ready to be served by one of the friendly power plant maintenance and engineering team in full jump-suit mechanic outfit that will fix you an electrifying Tex-Mex meal from the menu composed of a wide selection of pizza, Megawatt signature fried chicken recipe and a burrito recipe rivaling one of the best in town.

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