“Fit for Fashion” Season 2 Starts With a Bang!

by - February 10, 2016

My favorite fitspiration TV series started its Season 2. I still feel that its Season 1 left me hanging for more and this time another 14 Gung Ho contestants is revealed for the second season of Asia’s first of its kind reality show “Fits for Fashion. “ The show premiers on January 13, 2016 at Star World in the 8 pm time slot.

The show uniquely aims to motivate its viewers to start their own transformational journeys and it start the year 2016 with a bang. Returning with tougher challenges and even more determined contestants, “Fit for Fashion” will follow these fourteen contestants who have been chosen form all walks of life. Over the course of ten weeks, the viewers will be emotionally engaged and inspired as the contestants seek to redefine their bodies, self image and self confidence with the help pf fashion experts; Louise Roe and Todd Anthony Tyler as well as fitness gurus Mitch Chilson and Christine Bullock.

Fitness First, one of the largest fitness brands in the worls, has once again partnered with international TV production powerhouse Imagine Group to create “Fit for Fashion.” And this second season, they welcome another key sponsor, ZALORA, Asia’s online fashion destination, who plays an integral role in making the show even more captivating and entertaining for viewers.

President and founder of Imagine Group Riaz Mehta said that, “Season2 of “Fit and fashion” raises the bar in entertainment in Asia. The scale of physical challenges rival major US shows and the fashion challenges make our contestants look l;ike super models! The first season of our show was a massive success and as a result, we had huge demands from contestants around the world to compete in the show even from countries where the show has not broadcast yet. Ur contestants are hungrier than ever to succeed and will have the audiences riveted with their dynamic personalities.”

Echoing this sentiment is Fitness First Asia CEO Simon Flint; “The contestant mix this season once again demonstrates that firness is a universal language, everybody wants to be healthuer, and live happier life full of confidence and vitality. There’s always room to improve your fitness levels and push yourself to go further than you thought you ever could. We’re excited for the audience to witness to witness this transformation over the course of ten epiosdes. We hope that they’ll be inspired to get started on their fitness journeys, ad makes full use of the tools and expertise we have svailable to help them do so.”

:Fit for Fashion” F4F is the first reality Tv show to encourage its viewers to start their own transformational journeys, inspired by what they see onscreen, viewers will be able to download interactive tools including CustomFit 3.0, a unique digital training system, and a carefully designed “Fitness First 10 week Get Fit programme which will give them all the fitness and nutrition help they need to start their own journey of transformations while simultaneously getting a real feel for what the contestants g through on the show.

So who are this season contestants?

Lookpong Punyabhuti, 24, Thailand / #F4FLookpong

Lookpong Punyabhuti is no stranger to the spotlight with her singing success in achieving the fourth runner up spot in Academy Fantasia 2011. Fearless and sassy, Lookpong is looking for a new challenge which will help to bring her to a healthier and fitter life. 

Lookpong is a sassy, confident girl from Thailand who loves the spotlight. She has had great success in her singing career after winning fourth runner up of Thai singing competition show, Academy Fantasia.

Her career has since dwindled and she wants to turn it around. She feels her image is key to getting her music career back on track and is now looking for the next phase.

With a penchant for the finer things in life, this socialite has found that her partying ways can be bad for her health. Now she is ready for the challenge. She claims she is fearless and nothing scares her.

Jessica Punch, 26, Singapore / #F4FJess

Despite being confident and friendly on the outside, Jess and Marlon harbours insecurities that have been holding them back from being their best. Quirky is the best way to describe the two contestants representing Singapore. Follow the ‘Karate Girl’ and ‘Geeky Boy’s’ transformation as they overcome challenge after challenge on the show.

Australian-born and now living in Singapore, Jess is a sweet, lovely, bubbly girl that packs a punch, having practiced karate from a young age. Dancing from the age of 15, it’s hard to believe this petite girl was considered larger then her peers.

Whilst she seems confident and outgoing on the outside, she harbors a lot of self-doubt and insecurity on the inside. However, her strong competitive side has kept her going. She’s brave and has traveled the world.

Jess is a natural performer and is not afraid of being in the spotlight, having worked on various TV programs in Australia.

Jess is her own toughest critic claiming she hates her legs and stomach. She feels she doesn’t do enough exercise and needs motivation to change up her regimen – she no longer wants to cover up on the beach or feel like she’s not pretty.

Deena Marzuki, 25, Malaysia / #F4FDeena

Among the 14, three contestants represent Malaysia – Hungarian businessman Attila Szekely currently resides in Malaysia, sweet tooth Malaysian-born Deena Marzuki and Chinese-Malaysian Australian ‘geek’ Marlon Dance-Hooi. A colorful combination, the trio will surely keep the show’s fans on their toes! One thing they have in common is their motivation as they embark on this transformative Fit for Fashion journey – at the end of it, they want to inspire others to go further and be a better version of themselves – leading by example. 

Deena is the sweet girl with a sweet tooth, who is a part time baker and student from Malaysia.

Despite her bubbly exterior, Deena’s life hasn’t always been peaches and cream, having faced huge personal obstacles. Deena was always called the ‘fat kid’ in school, but with her family’s support, Deena has turned her life around and now wants to use her story to inspire others who may be fighting the same battle she won.

Deena has channeled her demons towards fitness. Her two loves, food and fitness often collide with another especially when she has to sample her own bakes.

Vicki Wheeler, 35, Australia / #F4FVicki

This bubbly and cheeky Australian is no stranger to the digital space as she updates her profiles frequently, from her daily happenings to her beloved dogs.

While Vicki is desperate to lose weight, she cannot say no to alcohol and fast food.

You might want to steer clear of her when she gets worked up; Vicki was kicked off a basketball team for being too aggressive.

Vicki is a bit of a thrill seeker, and rides a 1000cc motorbike. However, you would never have guessed that this biker chick is terrified of spiders and is proud to call herself an IT geek. She says of her disposition that there’s a difference between not caring and being unhealthy, and Vicki now cares about being healthy.

Kyle Ramirez, 22, Philippines / #F4FKyle

A confident and charming entertainment host, this Filipino considers himself “the joker.”

His luscious long locks make him the envy of most guys (and girls!), which helped him start a modeling career. Raised by his grandparents, he says modeling was beneficial for him as it gave him the attention he craved.

He used to weigh 100kg, but hereditary diabetes forced him to reassess his fitness, though he still has a weakness for salty foods loaded with MSG.

Jackie Zapata and Kyle Ramirez represent Philippines in the upcoming Fit for Fashion Season 2. Restless and struggling with stress, Jackie, a first generation Filipino American with a successful banking career, auditioned for Fit for Fashion in hope that the show will give her the tools she needs to reinvent herself. Meanwhile, the well-known entertainment host Kyle is looking to broaden his existing skills and to better himself physically and mentally. 

Marlon Dance-Hooi, 30, Singapore & Malaysia / #F4FMarlon

You might recognize this Chinese-Malaysian Australian ‘geek’ from Australia’s 2010 series of Beauty & The Geek. Now residing in Singapore, Marlon is awkward but endearing at the same time. This actor and voice artist also does celebrity impersonations but we are not too sure how good they are. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Marlon’s self-proclaimed laziness gets in the way of his big dreams. His mother has always taught him to be the best he can be, but he can’t quite push himself to make any real change despite being aware of his slowing metabolism and his expanding gut.

Michael Gelonesi, 29, Australia / #F4FMikey

Michael, or Mikey as he likes to be known, is the Sydney guy who is reluctant to grow up. He still lives with family at home and loves his man cave, working for the family business and acting as a club promoter on weekends. He’s a party boy, who hopes to be a TV presenter one day.

Being Italian, Michael loves his food. And now his love for pasta has given him love handles. Mikey is a cheeky, happy, smart, confident guy who is full of ambition and is a total ladies man.

Anthony D. Walker, aka Anthony Dupree, 25, USA / #F4FAnthony

Originally from a small inner city in Delaware, Anthony is the American boy who has never traveled outside of the US. He is confident, ambitious and outgoing and is certainly an “entertainer” who loves to inspire others. The man with a voltage smile is very passionate about impacting his community in a positive way, and aspires to enhance his impact globally.

Anthony has never been athletic and used to be called “Chicken Little” by his friends as he had skinny legs and arms and “chicken breasts”. He goes to the gym as often as he can, but he lacks the confidence from the results of losing his man boobs.

Anthony wants to leave hope with those who are experiencing similar challenges; by first inspiring himself to be a better version of himself. He realizes that this sounds cheesy, but coming from Anthony it seems genuine.

Jackie Zapata, 32, USA & Philippines / #F4FJackie

Jackie is a strong, fierce, confident Filipino-American from New York who also has a sensitive side.

Devastated after dislocating her elbow whilst at the gym, Jackie took a long break from her workout routine, stopping all form of exercise and as a result lost her physical momentum. She loves her glamorous lifestyle but has been bitten by the lazy bug, and doesn’t do as much exercise as she used to.

Jackie has a chronic sweet tooth and claims sugar is her kryptonite. She will eat whatever junk food is put in front of her. It’s because of these bad habits that she needs to reclaim her discipline to succeed.

Vladimir Musson, 28, Russia & Australia / #F4FVladimir

Vladimir is no stranger to being on TV. This Russian-born, Australian starred on Big Brother 2010, Australia and loves being in the spotlight.

Vladimir calls himself an extrovert. Judging from his profile picture, we wouldn’t have guessed. Amongst other things, he describes himself as loud, garish and impulsive and is not afraid to speak his mind.

Vladimir feels that he has lost his charm and physique through the years – we have to add that he hasn’t stepped foot into a gym for four years. Being a dancer that is not ideal – he wants the body he once used to have. Vladimir loves fashion, singing and dancing, but his main vice is that he loves partying and with that comes smoking.

Sam Gaskin, 31, Australia / #F4FSam

If you are looking for that fun, outgoing guy, look no further, there’s Sam Gaskin. Sam is a New Zealander with Maori, Welsh and African heritage, currently residing in Australia.

Sam’s zest for life comes from overcoming school bullies as a teenager. As an overweight kid, who weighed 100kg at age 14, Sam battled bulimia in his late teens and still carries some of those emotional scars today. “I have the fat gene”, he says; his mother and aunties have had gastric bypass surgeries to help them lose the weight.

As a doting father of two young children, he sees himself as a role model to young people. Being a dance teacher, you would think Sam has his exercise regime down. With his love for food and not so disciplined lifestyle, he calls his state of exercise, inconsistent.

Katherine Patrick, 33, Australia / #F4FKatherine

Katherine is an outgoing personality from Sydney, Australia. Definitely not one to shy from the camera, Katherine used to perform on stage and TV in the kids show, The Wiggles.

Katherine considers her fitness inconsistent. She has an idea for a new regime and doesn’t stick to it. For example she once bought a pair of boxing gloves as she wanted to take up boxing…those gloves are still in the box.

Katherine wants to desperately turn her life around. She feels her time is running out and sees the show as the key to getting back on top of her game.

Freska ‘Cika’ Darnadi, 34, Indonesia / #F4FCika

Cika is the Javanese chick that was once an aspiring pop star and model, releasing music singles and even appearing on Indonesian Idol a few years ago.

Cika is outgoing and fun, and grew up with her large military family in basic surroundings in South Sulawesi. After the birth of her daughter, Cika put on 22kg. She has managed to lose most of it, but just like any parent, juggling responsibilities has meant she’s struggling to get back to the figure she once had.

Freska ‘Cika’ Darnadi of Balinese origin represents Indonesia in this coming season. Once an aspiring and confident pop star and model, various life setbacks had made her lose her sparkle. Auditioning and claiming a spot among one of the 14 Fit for Fashion Season 2 contestants, Cika wants to regain her confidence, create an amazing life for her daughter and be an inspiration to women facing struggles like hers.

Attila CK, 42, Hungary & Malaysia / #F4FAttila

Attila is the sophisticated Hungarian businessman brought up in Canada and most recently was residing in Malaysia. He has traveled the world, going where he feels moved.

This adventurous, funny, and smart man who can be impatient and arrogant at times and likes the finer things in life, became the director of a major corporation in Europe at the age of just 29. After a move to California during the dot-com boom, he now resides in Malaysia where his dream is to open a Yoga Retreat.

In keeping up with his nomadic lifestyle, Attila likes to see himself as a collector of skills and has acquired various skills throughout the years; kite-surfing, swimming, snorkeling, singing, and martial arts, to name a few.

Now in his 40s, Attila is finding it harder to maintain his body and feels like he’s let himself go. As narcissistic as this may sound, his biggest phobia is growing old and losing his good looks and body.

For more information on the show, please visit http://fitforfashion.tv

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