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by - February 22, 2016

Being pampered is one of life’s greatest pleasures. And being attractive in the eyes of many had become a goal and a habit to most of us. Finessa Aesthetica is the place to be to suit all your pandering needs. Their singular goal of pampering you as you avail of their high end services with an affordable rates is unique from the others centers that have mushroomed in the city. As you treat yourself with their personal menu of services, you might ask yourself how come I haven’t visited Finesssa Aesthetica earlier than this.

Last week I have the good fortune to visit their White Plains branch and have a facial, the usual facial that I was used to. But then the girls n the reception desk have already been analyzing my skin type as I filled out the forms and by the time I finished they recommend to me the type of facial that can enhance my skin type. I thought that facial is just cleansing, pricking and then putting on moisturizers to close the pores. But Finessa Aesthetica seems to have another idea.

So I go along with their AHA Fruitpeel facial recommendation. Nurse Ella led me to a room. I might say their room looks comfy, not too bright and cool enough to make you feel you’re comfortable enough to be in the comforts of your own room, although we don’t have an air con that is that cool.

Nurse Ella proceeded with the cleansing of my face. Asking me usual questions like when was the last time I had a facial. What soap I‘m using for my face and what beauty habits I follow everyday.

Then she started putting AHA. She told me it will sting a bit. I feel a lit bit itchy after she put on the AHA but only for a few seconds and the feeling of itchiness was gone.

Then the dreaded part of pricking those blackheads and whiteheads finally began. But surprisingly and maybe because I expected this part of already, the pricking doesn’t really hurt that much and every time, I mean every time Nurse Ella said she will prick, she apologized always.

As she does the procedure, she recommends what service I should avail in the future, well mostly about cauterizing. Then she put on another cream and the put out this flashlight thing to massage my face for smoothing and antibacterial action.

After the facial I feel so refresh and I could feel how smooth my face is from usual. My friends who were with me the time told me that my face has brightened up.

Finessa Aesthetica, whose first goal when they started was to cater to the rich and the privileged has opened up to welcome those clients who will come to their place. It is a state of the art facilities providing various treatments with staff who will assess your you and help you in your way One thing I can assure you Finessa Aesthetic can be your favorite place to pamper and beautify yourself.

Come and visit them at their White Plains Branch. For more of their services visit their facebook page at Or you can contact them at Finessa Aesthetica. Viber: 0977-81-07-420 ☎ Timog branch | 376-76-51 ☎ White Plains | 437-60-45 ☎ BF, Paranaque | 886-50-77

Read more bout Finessa Aesthetica and their special services in my next post.

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