Gardenia's Next Big Sandwich Hit for 2015 Winners Announced

by - December 03, 2015

For three years now, Gardenia has been on the look out for the best Bread Culinarians with the most creative and innovative sandwich recipes. And what better way than to search for them thru school competition. I'm very happy to witness this event as I love sandwiches the most and seeing all those sandwich creations is enough to send me to bread heaven.

Gardenia continues its thrust to discover and empower aspiring chefs and practitioners in the food industry with the "Next Big Sandwich Hit" competition.

This year, a total of twenty teams from selected colleges and universities in Luzon emerged as finalists after a very challenging "School Hop" elimination round held at each of the schools. Gardenia took NBSH to another level as they increased the competition coverage from Metro Manila to the whole of Luzon.

For the elimination round, the students were asked to create two sandwiches based on their interpretation of their school spirit and the other is a price challenge recipe that is worth P35 or below per serving.

While the competition was on going, a bunch of students was also taking the opportunity to learn and equip themselves with sandwich making skilss and techniques by way of the Gardenia's Sandwich Academy program. Chef Jeremy favia, guest celebrity chef, did a lecture and demo back to back with Gardenia's own resident Chef, Benjo Fundales. The two Chefs showcased their different recipes and what hacks can be done to level Gardenia's perfect bread canvas. A Gardenia's Sandwich Game truck was also stationed in the campus where students can play the Sandwich touchscreen game.

The winning teams who got passed the elimination round were asked to create a sandwich that can test its marketability. They were tasked to come up with strategies for selling and marketing their bread creations which in a way is Gardenia's plan of giving students an avenue to experience what it's like to run a business of their own.

During the finale you can feel the passion and dedication of the final 10 pairs of students as they create an "out of the box" bento sandwiches that is healthy and at the same time marketable. But in the end only three winners will be picked with prices of 50,000 for the top prize, 30,000 for second prize and 20,000 for the third prize.

Philippine Women's University Team D' Pidabest Duo of Jodi Michele Jacinto and Juan Carlo Caparas got the top prize. Their bento box used Gardenia's Classic White Bread for Skewered Chicken Delight, Wheat Bread for Tofu Soya Twist and Butter Toast for Creamy Toastilicious.

The second price goes to La Consolacion College's Team Funtoastic of John Lustre Pestin and Adryx Ivan Royz Rafols.

The third prize went to Manila Tytana College's Team Lubdub of Ramon Adam Eloriaga and Elaine Beatrice Francisco.

The three were judged the best by Chef Boy Logro, Chef jeremy Favia and Gardenia's Product manager Angel Gonzaga.

Kudos to Gardenia  for its commitment not only to promote eating healthy goodness sandwiches but also to teach culinary students the value of hard work and likewise develop programs that help inspire, ignite and expose their entrepreneurial skills in activities such as the "Next Big Sandwich Hit".

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