Del Monte Switched On First Ever Giant Spaghetti Christmas Tree at Eastwood Mall

by - December 02, 2015

Eastwood Mall gets a different kind of spruce this Christmas as Del Monte unveiled the country's first ever giant Spaghetti Christmas Tree to kick off the Christmas season.

The scene at Eastwood Mall was so magical that night. At the center, an unlighted Christmas Tree shape can be seen. Guests and the media were treated to a sumptuous meal reminiscent of a Noche Buena feast while being serenaded by the Vox Populi Choir with Classic Christmas and Pinoy Christmas songs.

From afar you might think that its just another giant tree but on closer inspection I noticed that it was spaghetti noodles shaped like a Christmas Tree and the garlands were the spaghetti sauce. Del Monte thought of this innovative creation by combining the timeless symbol of Christmas and the ever present dish in Noche Buena.

The unveiling and the switching on of the Spaghetti Christmas Tree was done by the Pingris Family. Marc and Danica Pingris  together with their two lovely children were the special guests that night.

And because Christmas is a season of giving, Del Monte give opportunity for the media and the Pingris to help one of their chosen charities and give them a chance to share the goodness of Del Monte Spaghetti.

Each winning charity will be given P10,000 worth of Del Monte Pamasko products that they can feast over come Christmas noche buena.

And there's more. Visitors who were around that evening also get  a chance to help their chosen recipients and provide them with a #PasKumpletongSarap of Del Monte products. They can drop their recipients name at the drop box provided right beside the Del Monte Spaghetti Christmas Tree. It will be at the east wood mall open park from November 22 to December 26.

Winners will be drawn weekly and they will receive P10,000 worth of Del Monte Pamasko Pack.

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