A Ginebra Premium Gin Journey: Night Tour of Makati and BGC

by - December 27, 2015

It's past 9pm on a Thursday and I am joining a Gin Pub Crawl by Ginebra Premium Gin. At the helm is the very lively and pretty charming Sky Gavin of WheninManila together with the two lovely ladies from Ginebra and several blogger friends.

It was entirely a very sophisticated take on a Gin Pub Crawl as we are transported to three high end bars across Makati and BGC in, wait for it... a Black Fleet similar to the one Justin Bieber used when he was in Manila for a concert.

Photo by O. Pasion
We had fun tasting the Ginebra San Miguel Premium Gin and tried an inventive cocktail in each of the bar while we tasted each culinary offers that goes best with it.

The meeting point for the GSM Premium Gin tour is The Keg, it is just off The Fort at BGC. Here we sip on three cocktails and partake of the sumptuous dinner. Of course you have to eat first and fill your stomach before drinking.

We had fun tasting Gin Sour, Tom Collins and Gin Sunrise.

Then we were fleeted off to Red Dot in Greenbelt, Makati. The Japanese themed bar was fully packed that night but we were able to squeeze in as they are expecting us. Here we were served with Sake cooler, Rosemary and The Red Dot, their signature drink which they say is very similar to Singapore Sling. I find the Red Dot quite strong for my taste and surprisingly their Sake cooler is one of the best I've tasted that night.

The cocktails keep on flowing as we went back to BGC for our last bar. It's my second time at Rue Bourbon and we have the second floor exclusively. Here they served us four cocktails and in the midst of European style deco, we enjoyed the remaining hours and finally I get to taste my favorite Margarita mixed with GSM Premium Gin in the form of Scottish Margarita (the best so far on top of the Sake cooler). We were also served with Blue Alexander, Party Bus Cocktail and Clear Blue. With all the drinks we've had the night, we were quite delighted when they served us their bestseller Pizza.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable way to spend my evening and even way past midnight. Surprisingly with all the cocktails I've tasted and some I drink to the full, I am not that much tipsy but then I remember, gin don't get me down and I know my head will still be surprisingly clear if I sleep this off.

Thank you Ginebra San Miguel, WheninManila, and Sky Gavin for this wonderful treat. Hope to be in again next time. And also CNN Pilipinas for covering the event.

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