Z Hostel Cafe and Bar Luxurious Atmosphere Offers Delectable Pinoy Food

by - November 02, 2015

There was a time during my travel abroad years ago when a friend and I, on a whim, decided to go to Berlin. It is not in our itinerary and we just found ourselves riding the train to go there. It was mid afternoon and we didn't have any hotel reservations but the friendly Germans we talked to recommended a hostel nearby. It was nice and the food is great. I was having second thoughts but when we went there it's not as bad as I thought. After all it's just only for a day. Surprisingly, I like the room but not the small corridors. And the food is good too.

I remember this experience as we were invited to Z Hostel days ago. I was amazed at the atmosphere when I entered the place. It's not your usual hostel that you get to stay in. And I like how spacious their lobby is but I'm there for a food tasting at their Z Hostel Cafe and Bar. Hopefully we could get a glimpse of the facilities later.

The atmosphere inside the cafe was warm and welcoming. Mr. Cao said that Z Hostel served traditional Filipino Food to their guests. And i find it unique since the hostel is located in a street where there's a long line of Korean restos.

Then our lunch is served. 

First in for the food tasting is their Crunchy Sisig. The delectable smell coming from it is salivating. After mixing it , we tasted it. It was delicious. I love how crunchy it is and tasteful that we were looking for rice. It was kind of amusing since we were reminded that it was just for appetizers. But it seems a waste to eat it without rice. And thankfully for others who would want to eat here, there's another Sisig menu with rice on it.

Then the Crispy Bagnet came. And followed by Chicken Adobo Flakes and Beef Adobo in Achuete.

The Crispy Bagnet with KBL was served for more than twenty minutes but when we ate it, it was still crispy but tender on the inside. I love the vegetable sidings with tomatoes, onions, scallions and bagoong. Thank God for a large bowl of Rice they gave us we happily ate our lunch.

We tried the Chicken Adobo Flakes, it was a little bit salty but maybe we should have put more sauce over it. It would be nice eating it with a sunny side up.

But the best is still to come with Z Hostel Beef Adobo in Achuete. The beef is so tender and you can easily pull it apart. The sauce is a little bit reddish with the achuete. And I love how a little bit spicy it is.

We were very full by then and they served us their specialty coffee. It was a secret coffee recipe and I decided to try it without sugar first. It doesn't have that usual very strong coffee taste at first but you can taste how good it was as you sip and swallowed it. Adding the Muscovado sugar gives it a hint of chocolate but when I added cream on it... now that is I called real coffee. 

It was a very good lunch and I just remembered I haven't eaten just Filipino food for months now. I'm glad that there's a place where foreigners could have a taste of our very own food and enjoyed it.

We had a complete tour of the facilities of Z Hostel but that deserved another blog post and I'll tell all about it soon.

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