Sole Academy Sneaker Carnival Happening on the 29th of November at the SM MOA Concert Grounds

by - November 15, 2015

Are you a sneaker addict like me? Good news to all of us, as the premier lifestyle sneaker boutique in the country, Sole Academy will put together the only sneaker themed Carnival in the country. Isn't that amazing. I am super excited.

Sole Academy’s been at the forefront of the lifestyle sneaker scene, being one of the first few stores to carry Asics, special Nike Sportswear releases and New Balance to name a few. And true to form, like the opening of their brick and mortar stores, expect a LOT of new releases to drop on that day. Are 30 new silhouettes enough? That’s definitely at the heart of the event, with drops happening throughout the day.

Brand Support

One more thing that no local store/entity has done was to get the support of the major brands for their event. YES. One brand, yes. Two, sure. But SIX?!? Expect to see special displays and activities from Nike, adidas, PUMA, Reebok, New Balance and Asics. How’s that for bringing in the big guns. Let’s not forget the other brands we’ve grown to love over time– Publish, Rastaclat, Stance, WIP Caps, Meister to name a few. They’re all doing something as well during the carnival.

International Coverage 

Did we mention that Internationally-known sneaker destination Sneaker News will be in town to cover the event? Founder Yu Ming Wu and his crew will be flying in for the momentous event. That alone is a testament as to how big the event is. Ofcourse we’ll be there too to cover the event as it happens. We’re also giving a brief talk about the history of the local sneaker scene to give new heads a better understanding of the local sneaker industry and how it compares to other sneaker markets.

Art & Sole  

Sole Academy with the help of Secret Fresh is putting together solid mixed media art pieces for the event– all sneaker-inspired. If you’re liking the display, you can actually bid for them and hopefully be lucky to bring them home…for the right price.


Similar to other festivals and carnivals, you’ve got to have music in the mix. The artists you follow all have solid sneaker rotations such as DJs Ace Ramos and Mars Miranda. MotherBass, Euric, Up Dharma Down, and Yolanda Moon will all be there to provide beats with a bunch of other artists to make the event a must-go-to on your calendar.

Sole Food

No Carnival would be complete without food. From food trucks and specialty treats, the Sneaker Carnival will be stacked with food and drinks to make the event worthwhile. Speaking of worthwhile, SA’s also doing a 10k dash. No, it’s not a fun run with your kicks, but they’ll be collection sneaker donations and hoping to reach 10,000 pairs by the end of the day. These wearable, pre-loved pairs will go to deserving institutions that may need footwear for their cause.

How’s that for an event? Whether you’re in it for the sneakers, the music, the art, or the food, the Sole Academy Sneaker Carnival is a sure thing. It’s a can’t-miss thing. So we’ll see you all there on the 29th and stay tuned for more updates and sneaker releases slated for the Carnival.

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