Snail Slime: Newest South Korean Skin Care Craze is Now in the Philippines

by - November 11, 2015

I admire Koreans for their beauty products and for having such beautiful and flawless skin, male and female alike. Time and again, Korea have introduced some of the innovative beauty products we enjoyed now, like the BB Cream, CC creams, hydrating sheet masks, cushion makeup, etc..  But did you know that there's another revolutionary beauty product that comes from them that will keep your skin looking younger and it involve snail slime? Snail Slime! Isn't that kind of gross?

Studies show that snail slime contains a perfect balance of proteins, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants which offer various benefits like stimulating the production of elastin and collagen. Elastin is the "rubber band" of skin- it makes the skin "snap back" to its original shape after being stretched or contracted. Collagen, on the other hand, is a protein that supports skin, keeping it strong and firm.

Snail slime had its beginnings in Chile, when Chilean farmers who were exporting snail to restaurants in Europe noticed that the skin on their hands became extremely soft and injuries and cuts also healed quickly without becoming infected.

And now snail slime is the latest beauty craze, not only in Korea but it is here now in the Philippines.

McDell Healthcare Products, Inc. a Filipino-owned company engaged in the manufacture, import, marketing, and distribution of beauty, health and wellness products have brought Farmstay in the country. Farmstay is exclusively imported from Korea and distributed in the Philippines by McDell Healthcare Products, Inc.

 "It is McDell's goal to bring Korea's technical advances in skincare to be more accessible and affordable to Filipinos as we bring Farmstay products here in the Philippines,” said McDell Healthcare Products, Inc. Marketing Manager Nancy Pereyras. “Unlike other brands in the market which are marked with strong scents, Farmstay products have a light smell as they are made with natural ingredients." She further added.

Some of Farmstay's snail products are Snail Repair Cream, Snail Pure Cleansing Foam, Visible Difference Snail Eye Cream, Moisture Soothing Gel Snail, All-in-One Snail BB Cream, and Snail Hand Cream.

 With these unique, innovative, and organic beauty products, McDell encourages every Filipina to be beautiful as Farmstay will surely bring out the best in her.

And what better way to send the message than by tapping a true epitome of beauty and passion Lisette Lim Bendicion as its brand ambassador. 

And who is Lisette Lim Bendicion?

She is currently pursuing Bachelor of Science in Dentistry at the University of the East in Manila. She has appeared in various fashion and lifestyle magazines promoting awareness on the true essence of beauty with a purpose which makes her an inspiring woman to many young professional Filipinas who are career driven but still puts a premium on taking care of themselves.

Farmstay products are available in McDell's Showroom in Cubao, Quezon City; through its website and in various online retailers like Lazada, Beautymnl, and Zalora. Farmstay is also distributed in other countries that include China, Hongkong, and Vietnam.

For more information, visit their website at or follow them on their official social media accounts.
Instagram: @farmstayphl
Twitter: @farmstayphl


Did you know?

Koreans are widely known fortheir very own-10-step beauty regimen which involves makeup removal, cleansing, exfoliating, toning, essence, ampoule, sheet mask, eye cream, emulsion, and night cream. No wonder they have such youthful and flawless complexion.

And I love my Pure Cleansing Foam. Since I’ve started using it last October 28 up to now, my face have brightened and it feels baby soft. It does not dry my skin like other cleansing foam I’ve bought before. I will be featuring other Farmstay products in the days ahead.

We all have a lovely and pampering time with our Sparty at Blue Water Day Spa. We were treated to a wonderful afternoon of foot massages while watching Chick Flick movies. Thank you McDell!


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