Beyond the Box Unveils iPhone 6s in Midnight Launch

by - November 08, 2015

It was a scene you cannot imagine. There was a long line of people in one of the store at Century Mall, the mall is already closed and it's MIDNIGHT! The last time I waited for something at midnight and fell in line was the worldwide screening of Matrix Revolution.

And yes, I equate Keanu Reeves with the unveiling of new iPhone device... the iPhone 6s and I'm willing to wait for it. My friend and I were in the fourth batch of a long line of people wanting to have their first look of the iPhone 6s.

And the place to be that midnight is none other than at Beyond the Box. 

Beyond the Box, a premium iPhone reseller unveils the latest in iPhone technology, the iPhone 6s. The newest iPhone is a much, much better phone. As one of the BTB staff explained, the iPhone 6s has lots of enhancements and it comes in four colors. I know the staff explained it really well but the three things that most registered to me is that iPhone 6s has 3D Touch pressure-sensitive display, it is faster wireless and it comes in rose gold color. Also it has a better front and rear camera which is a plus for me.

Not a techie here but here’s the specs for iPhone 6s and its bigger screen sibling iPhone 6s Plus.

iPhone 6s

4. 7 inch Retina HD display with 3D Touch, A9 chip with M9 coprocessor, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, 5 MP Face Time HD and 12 MP iSight camera, 4K video at 30 fps, 4G LTE2 and 802 11 ac WiFi with MIMO.

iPhone 6s Plus

5.5 inch Retina HD display, A8 chip with M8 coprocessor, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, 1.2 MP Face Time HD and 8 MP iSight camera, 1080p HD video at 60 fps, 4G LTE2 and 802 11 ac WiFi.

And how much money are you going to shell out just to have this baby:

iPhone 6s
16GB3             P 37, 990
64GB3             P 43, 990
128GB3           P 49, 990

iPhone 6s Plus
16GB3             P 38, 990
64GB3             P 44, 990

One word of advice though, if you are like me who don’t want to delete pictures, its better if you choose above 16GB version.The iPhone 6s comes in four finish; Silver, Gold, Space Grey and Rose Gold.


So if you’ve been holding off to buying that iPhone for some time now, today is the best day. Head over to Beyond the Box at Century Mall and get your hands of iPhone 6s. I know I might one of these days.

Beyond the Box is located at the 2nd floor of Century Mall.


As I flip back and forth to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus, I bumped into a few celebrities. Mark Abad, Carla Humprhries and Alodia G!

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