Nickelodeon TakotTown Twisted Tales is a Spooktacular Success

by - October 31, 2015

I kind of envy kids of today, they get to play the character they want during Hallow's Eve and get to interact with other characters to celebrate Halloween. I remember when I was still a kid, I'm the only who's excited when October 31 comes. It only mean one thing, it's spook time for me and my brother. We get to don on Batman and Robin costume, I know, I know, why Batman? but my father couldn't find a Bat Girl costume during those times. 

As I witnessed today's Nickelodeon TakotTown Twisted Tales and saw every characters, with the coolest costumes, I have ever read and watched, I feel like a child again. Too bad my two nephews whom I supposed to bring were not feeling well. 

What set apart this event from other Halloween parties is the Pinoy flavor they put to the event where they bring in some of the most notorious Philippine mythical creatures to join this party. Children and adult alike gets to rub elbows with your friendly neighborhood kapre (who says they only hang out on balete trees?), the good ol’ white lady (it gets boring in deserted streets, waiting for cars to pass by, you know), and the tiny little duwendes (they can’t wait to burst out of those mounds sitting in your backyard!). I love the White lady that always, unexpectedly, appear on the big screen set up on the stage.

The place was full and jam packed. Outside there's a long line of parents with their children who were hoping to enter the Hall 3 of the SMX Convention Center Manila.

Because of the craziness inside I was only able to get a few pictures but I manage to visit all the sponsor booths which gives a generous amount of candies to all the children.  Stage games, amazing performances, game booths, meet-and-greet with Nickelodeon characters, and the ultimate Halo-Halo-ween costume contest were part of the afternoon event.

What a very exciting day to celebrate Halloween. Thank you again Nickelodeon and Ms. Nica Cruz and Ms. Louise Chavez for the invite, it was great. Congratulations!

Nickelodeon’s Takotown: Twisted Tales is presented by Toy Kingdom.  Co-sponsored by, Ace Water Spa, Alaska Choco, Delfi Knick Knacks, Jack N’ Jill Chooey, Lipps Pop Stix, McDonalds, Monster High, Propan TLC, Skechers Kids, Sunway Lagoon, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  In partnership with Cignal TV, GrabTaxi, iFlix, and K-Zone Magazine.

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