Alden Richards' Wish I May Album Launch is an Overwhelming Success

by - October 18, 2015

GMA Records formally launched Alden Richards Wish I May album last night at the SM North Cinema 11 to a crowd filled with media, network and products executives, guests and screaming fans.

During Eat Bulaga last Saturday, Alden Richards received a certified gold plaque from GMA Record, a feat considering the album is not officially release yet. The gold certification was based from pre order.  At present Alden’s album is Number 1 in ITunes Philippines and his song Wish I May was included in the Top Ten of Billboard International.

Alden’s father and other family  members were the special guests during the album launching and there was a moment we thought Alden was spotted by the fans, it turned out they saw Alden’s father Richard Faulkerson, famously know as Daddy Bae. The fans keep calling on him and he always responded with Pabebe waves, smiles and lots of flying kisses to the crowd. And the fans loved it.

Several GMA Records artists like Beverly Caimen, James Wright and T.O.P. also performed before the crowd. I didn’t know GMA Records have so many good singers in their rosters. All they need is good promotions and the music industry can be well and much more alive again. And hopefully they need a good fan base for that.

When the moment comes DJ Papa Obet announces Alden Richards, the crowd goes wild. People stood up and screamed more when they heard Alden singing but we did not see him appear for like thirty seconds and then he was running towards the stage and the crowd goes even wilder.

You will notice how he was overwhelmed by the crowd despite experiencing these adulation for three months now. He was not able to sing the first few lines of the first song because of the excitement and giddiness. There were parts when he turns emotional especially when thanking the fans and his family and saying how much he loves them.

He tries to reach out to his fans during one song and comes down from the stage which makes the fans ecstatic. The crowd control realizes it’s not a good idea after a few seconds and Alden returned to the stage.

When it was time for him to sing God Gave Me You, AlDub’s national anthem, he was more relaxed and even made Pabebe antics which the fans love. It seems TVJ comedic antics are rubbing off on Alden and I noticed he was always in high spirits since he joined Eat Bulaga and met Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub. When he finished singing GGMY he teased the crowd and remarked “akala nyo iiyak na naman ako ‘no?”

The organizers gave an opportunity for photo ops with Alden together with the media, guests and the fans. At first we were a bit confused why there are two tables in the center of the stage. There’s a chair in the middle between the table and four chairs up front. We were told the photo ops will be in groups. But why will Alden sits in the back? Is this like a date which Lola Nidora organized?  The fans did not like it and were chanting “no tables!” time and again. But the organizers and the security were adamant and they set this up out of concern for Alden’s safety.

But the crowd could not be pacified as well as us, of course. In the end, you will be glad that Alden Richards is such a very nice person and goes up on stage and told the crowd he will ask to put the tables away but he wants the fans to behave and even made a pinkie swear with them to behave or else he will run off the stage. The crowd agrees with him and the photo ops finally happened.

This is one of the most fun album launching I have covered. Thank you Ms. Michelle Reyes of GMA Records and Ms. Trina Lorenzana.

So hurry, you can now buy Alden Richards Wish I may Album at all AstroPlus music store.

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