Start a Coffee Business with Fully Automatic Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

by - September 10, 2015

Are you thinking of starting a new business or adding additional income to your existing business?  Why not try venturing into coffee business or a coffee shop?  You can easily start the business with the latest innovative fully automatic “Bean-to-Cup” coffee machines by I Luv Coffee Express.

Perhaps most of you are already familiar with coffee vending machines that is almost present in convenience stores, sari-sari stores and even the transport terminal in your area.  These coffee machines are technically producing 3-in-1 coffee which is far from the real quality coffee which is served on restaurants and even on Starbucks.  What if you can sell quality brewed coffee at a lesser price?

This is where I Luv Coffee Express by Essential Brands Group South East Asia (EBG SEA) comes into play.  These coffee machines are called “bean-to-cup” machines since they process real coffee beans, mix them with either milk or chocolate or serve them as pure coffee to your clients all with just the press of a selection button.  You can serve 100 cups per hour to your customers using these machines plus since they are high in quality it can last for years.

I Luv Coffee Express coffee machines are in fact deployed in various convenience stores including Mini Stop, 7-11 and even San Miguel Food Avenue.  If you are travelling at NAIA 3 you can experience great coffee from this coffee machine at the Delta Airlines lounge.

Coffee is a well-loved addition to a store or even a restaurant.  Most frequently those who are exhausted or wanted to pass by time will drink coffee and relax.  So if you are looking for quality coffee machines in the Philippines then try I Luv Coffee Express from Essential Brands Group SEA.

These exciting coffee machines will be part of the exhibition of Mustard Seed Systems at the Asia Food Expo (AFEX) 2015 at the World Trade Center Manila from September 9-12, 2015.  For more information you can visit their website at, contact them at +63(2)535-SEED / 63(2)535-7333 or visit their Facebook page at

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