Back Again at Love Desserts

by - September 09, 2015

It’s been months since I was at Love Desserts and after that "sweets bingeing", I told myself I don’t want to see another desserts spreads for a year and yet here I am again, this time in Banawe.

It was kind of confusing going to Love Desserts Banawe, the Google Map seems to be at odds with Love Desserts location so it took time before  I reached the place. Thank goodness to the buffet spreads that awaits me, all my ire vanishes when I saw it.

The Banawe branch is much smaller than their Fairview branch. It has a much more intimate setting. But the same desserts fare can be found here at the original branch. You can hear the lively chatter around as customers enjoys the sweets all you can which you can avail for only 199 that can be enjoyed for two sweet hours.

The buffet table is brimming with Jelly Cups/Shots, Chiffon Rolls, Cheesecakes, Mini Cupcakes, Cream Puffs, Brazo de Mercedes, Fruit Salads, Empanada and Eclairs. 

They were also serving Arroz Caldo and Champorado that day. Sadly even if the Champorado was calling out to me, I didn't get to taste it.

In one corner you can find their Crepe table.You can ask the crepe butler to make you any crepe you like. You can have your choices of fillings such as Mangoes, Blueberry or Peach. Next to the Crepe table is an Ice Cream Freezer where you can have all time favorites flavors such as Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate. Or you can have it added to the Halo Halo you can make in the next counter. It's Halo Halo Heaven as all the things you can add is lined up deliciously.

But  it is not only sweets you can have at Love Desserts. The Pinoy Nachos is so original. Instead of the usual nachos, they used Lumpia wrapper. They also have the Chicken Empanada which is a bit tough that day so I didn't get to enjoy it.

If you want a more filling menu, Love Desserts also offers Sandwiches and Rice Meals. And if you don't want to avail of their buffet offer but still want to have a taste of their sweet treats, you can buy the cream puffs, eclairs or those cakes separately.

Here's what I enjoyed eating that day:

Love Desserts is located at 915 Banawe Street 
Like their page at

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