Pizza Hut Opens New Concept Store at Kia Theater

by - August 03, 2015

I used to live near Stella Maris more than ten years ago and though I've been to Gateway and Smart Araneta a few times after that, still I was amazed at the changes brought by Father Time around the area where New Frontier is used to be. My Aunt always regaled me with tales about New Frontier Cinema Theater and how it was the first cinema which shown first run movies, this was in the late 60's. The glory of New Frontier is now being resurrected with the opening of Kia Theater and before it opens its door again to the movie going public, another history is in the make in this place as Pizza Hut opens its new concept store here.
Pizza Hut Official Photo
Expanding its original concept of pizza restaurant, many of us are familiar with Pizza Hut Bistro type setting and its famous salad bar, its new concept now offers a wide array of new menu items like appetizers, grills, salads, pastas, signature dishes and desserts in addition to their world famous pizza crusts and toppings. And wait, there's more, they also have great new entrees such as rib eye steak, baby back ribs with sides, the monster burger, beer battered fish, and pork steak barbecue which is only available at Pizza Hut Kia Theater.



Also, price friendly platters designed for sharing such as Mexican Platter, Surf and Turf with Fries, American Platter, Tex Mex Platter and Combo Platter is served. 

The new store boasts of wide flooring, comfortable sofa, bar lounge, two spacious floors, large seating capacity with plenty of lighting, lively murals and the warm, sincere and friendly service that only Pizza Hut can provide. It is designed to cater to the most demanding customers who only wants nothing but the best with its good food, chic ambiance, warm lights and more comfortable seats.

What is more amazing in this new Pizza Hut concept store is that they now offer menus from breakfast up to the time where you need to unwind before heading home to rest. They have excellent wine and beverage pairing with a selection of wines, cocktails and mocktails from their open bar. And their open style kitchen lets you see how your food is being prepared.

So what are you waiting for? Come on over and visit Pizza Hut in Kia Theater. The place to unwind with friends and family. The place where you can make small talks or simply have a good time.

Pizza Hut Kia Theater opened last July 23, 2015. Located from the former New Frontier Theater just right beside Gateway Mall, Araneta Center. It is open from 7 am up to 11 pm.

You can follow Pizza Hut on Social Media, @pizzahutphils.
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