Meet Tommy Hilfiger's New Global Brand Ambassador and Star of Underwear Campaign

by - August 26, 2015

So have you seen Rafa Nadal's Underwear Campaign Video for Tommy Hilfiger?

I'm supposed to shun Tommy Hilfiger still because of his racist remarks in the past but what can I say he chooses Rafael Nadal as its Global Brand Ambassador and I'm nothing but loyal to Rafa. Added to that Rafa was the star of their new underwear campaign.Whew, it's one HOT, HOT, HOT TVC. It's 31 seconds of pure bliss for Rafaholics like me.

I never imagine that Tennis My No. 1 player would agree to this but thank you Tommy Hilfiger! And he's gonna be doing this for two years since he signed an agreement beginning this fall.

So let us now feast our eyes with these photos if you've finished the video. Warning! You're not suffering from hot flashes, it's really is just hot in here.

Photos and videos are not mine.

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