Chasing Your Perfect Margarita with Casa Noble and Cointreau

by - August 11, 2015

My friends knows that my drink of choice has always been Margarita. Margarita reminds me of sweet summer nights and happy romps with my friends. So every time I order and drink margarita I always picture what fun is all about it and it pictures perfection!

So what makes a perfect Margarita? Well, the answer may be as complex or as varied as the genesis of this popular cocktails. Margarita is ranked as the world's third most popular cocktails and considered it to be the staple summer drink all over the globe. For me a perfect margarita is a refreshing drink filled to the salt encrusted rim of the glass, not overly sugary strong, just that perfect cittrusy taste.

A perfect margarita is all about personal preferences but the basic rules to making the perfect margarita is in the ingredients. What you need is is the finest 100% BLUE AGAVE TEQUILA, the best ORANGE LIQUEUR, the freshest LIMES and the cleanest SALT. And wouldn't you know it, the world's finest tequila and the best orange liqueur company have come to give you: YOUR PERFECT MARGARITA. Seriously, I can imagine myself drinking that perfect margarita while writing this.

Casa Noble Tequila and Cointreau are the two ingredients that most mixologists and bartenders prefer when making their signature margaritas. 

Casa Noble, produced since the 1700's, is one of only three organic tequila manufactured worldwide. Over 3,000 acres of blue agave grown on the Casa Noble Estate are harvested, cooked in stone ovens, fermented, then distilled three times. The tequila is then stored in silver oak barrels from 364 days and up to 5 years, just to create that elegant tasting tequila.

Cointreau is a brand of triple sec produced in Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou, France. It is drank as an apéritif and digestif, and is a component of several well-known cocktails by bringing its light and tangy flavor. A celebrated French orange liqueur, it has been made for more than 150 years and it takes its name from the family that founded the original distillery. The liqueur is made with a mix of sweet and bitter sun-dried orange peel that is macerated in alcohol, sugar and water.

In line with this, we are bringing the perfect margarita to you. Your Perfect Margarita is bringing select bloggers and media to the top bars and lounges in the Metro this August. 

Our Mission: To taste the best version of  Your Perfect Margarita!

Here's what happened at the Your Perfect Margarita Media Launch held at Balcony, Todd English Hall BGC.

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