Artisan Emporium Now Open at Estancia Mall

by - August 31, 2015

We've always heard of great things that happened accidentally but have you heard of something that was created because the owner is at the low point of her life? This is how Artisan Emporium; makers of breads, spreads, dressings, oils, the best Chicken Galantina, the best Hickory Pork Skewers and the best Salted Caramel Panna Cotta; was created.

Chef Mira Cruz,  was simply adorable when she met with us. She used to be a CCA chef-instructor, having taught for 8 years and also the senior chef consultant for  Epicurious restaurant among others. You can see clearly how proud she is of Artisan Emporium which opened last August 8, 2015. She's not afraid to admit that at one moment of her life, she let go of everything and suffered depression for a while.

And out of her depression came along Artisan Emporium.

A little trivia. 

Did you know that most of the recipes we saw in can was written  by Chef Mira Cruz? Isn't that amazing? Now we have a face to place every time we see recipes at the back of the cans of Philippine made products.

Along with her brothers who are also Chefs, Chef Mira creates hand crafted breads, pastries, cookies, desserts, and specialty cakes among others. They turned a room which used to be their playground into a commissary. And everything at Artisan is handmade. I know, I know that's why its artisan... it's handmade.

Chef Mira takes pride in what she created. There's only a few artisan bakery in the metro that I know of and it seems to be a trend now as people learned of the health benefits brought by an artisanal, no preservatives and no bromade breads.

So what did we eat at Artisan Emporium?

Artisan Emporium does not only sells breads, they also served freshly prepared foods that is best paired with breads. Everything in the menu is created by what Chef Mira thought of as the best of the best. There are no rules for her. Everything that is yummy is served at Artisan which is tailor fit to Chef Mira's style. You can even request for what you want and give her an hour or two and she will grant your request.

The staff placed two mounds of breads in our tables, it was in a brown paper just as if you brought it in the bakery. There were several varieties of breads and they're not your typical machine made pandesal. The breads comes with Blueberry Pate and Pimiento Butter Spread. 

Staying away from anything that looks like wheat, I choose the Butter Pandesal, still a little bit hot. It was  so good and soft and tasty especially when you spread it with their Blueberry Pate. The Pimiento Butter just melts in the bread and in your mouth. It was that good.

When they served the Pumpkin Soup, it smells so great. It was the smell of something delicious. It was a bit salty even after a few spoonfuls, but as my usual wont, I dip little pieces of bread into it and I love how savory it was. I can now taste the sweetness of the pureed pumpkin and the creaminess of the soup when I paired it with bread.

Then the Hickory Pork Skewers is served. You can smell the smokiness of the Hickory Sauce. The knife cuts through the pork easily and it was so tender. The hickory taste is just perfect. It had a kick at the end of every bite especially when I added hot sauce onto it. I thought the six pieces serving is too much but apparently it's not as each of us finished one order of it.

We're feeling a little full by then and thank God for their home made Moringa Iced Tea and the soda we ordered earlier, the fullness eased off a bit.

Then the Chicken Galantina is now served. I always associate Galantina with Fiesta. Because in Quezon, the Fiesta menu is not complete without Galantina so  I tend not to eat it whenever I saw one. But somehow, Artisan's Chicken Galantina looks so yummy from where I was seated. And my sense of smell and sight is right, it was delicious and very tasty. My mouth is salivating just thinking about it now. It was that yummy.

I know it doesn't end there because we are now talking about dessert. They served us Salted Caramel Panna Cotta, Red Velvet Panna Cotta and S'Mores Cake.

The Artisan Emporium's Salted Caramel Panna Cotta is somehow of an accident according to. Chef Mira but then it was presently their bestseller.

Dipping my spoon in the jar, I took out half a spoonful and tasted it. Whoa. Wow. I know Panna Cotta is made with cream, sugar and gelatin but Chef Mira accidentally put salt in it when she made it at first. Her brothers convinced her that it tasted good. Luckily she listened to them and now we have this heavenly dessert. It is silky smooth and just melts in the mouth. The combination of salty and caramel taste is so good, it was happiness in every bite. You need to taste it to believe it. Now I know why it's a bestseller.

I was so caught up with the Salted Caramel Panna Cotta that I forgot to taste the Red Velvet Panna Cotta! Mea Culpa. But I will be back for this. Promise.

And at last, they served the Smores Cake. I love how the cake is rustic looking. It was the first thing that caught my attention when I first entered. Chef Mira said that they don't really make cakes that's perfect in look, they make no boundaries cake. Well it really look good to me and the taste is out of this world delicious.

We were so happy after we finished eating and made a resolution to come back and have a taste of their other dishes

This place isn't exactly cheap, but the quality of all the products for sale is fantastic. The atmosphere of Artisan Emporium is just perfect for everyday dine in. It has a lovely and simple, quaint and rustic setting. Moreover it is conveniently located inside Estancia Mall, just steps away from great shopping and a great way to spend your time and enjoy their menu.

Come by anytime you're at Estancia Mall and dine in at Artisan Emporium.

Or Visit their website at

Artsian Emporium is located at:

Lower Ground
Estancia Mall
Capitol Commons
Meralco Ave Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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