Accounting System Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) is the Smart Choice for Small and Medium Businesses

by - August 10, 2015

With the impending integration of our country into the Asean Economic Community a few months from now, the need for quality work, presentation of financial reporting that is in accord with the international standards and a critically acclaimed accounting software is a must.

This is what Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) is all about.

Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) continues to be the accounting of choice for Small and Medium Businesses.  It is an accounting system that is known worldwide for its very intuitive and process oriented approach to computerized accounting system.

Mustard Seed Systems Corporation, is one of the authorized distributor of MYOB.  In fact the software is part of its growth and is the very first product of the company.  The company was set-up mainly to distribute and sell off-the-shelf accounting and point-of-sale software in the Philippines. Given its inherent advantage of lower cost plus fast and easy implementation as compared to customized systems, off-the-shelf accounting software became very popular among Small Medium Businesses (SMB) in the Philippines, thus helping Mustard Seed grow its install base to approximately 14,000+ corporations today.

Being a business solutions provider company for SMBs, Mustard Seed is now gearing towards becoming a one-stop shop for business in the Philippines.  It now has various business solutions which can be integrated with MYOB as well.
Recognizing the importance of proper accounting for SMBs, Mustard Seed offers a partnership to businesses who wants to offer a quality accounting system like MYOB to its clients through a reseller agreement.

Why would a business consider MYOB and a computerized accounting system?

  • Automatic ledger entries
  • Accounts always in balance (Debits = Credits)
  • Accuracy and speed of automatic calculations (such as GST and invoices)
  • Automatic production of a trial balance from ledger entries
  • Potential to create customised reports and provide additional analysis
  • Lower accounting fees
This means that by using MYOB, a business can focus on more important things with the business which makes your business better prepared for the ASEAN integration as well.  

Truly, Mustard Seed continues to live up to its mission of increasing customer's efficiency and profitability by making their business processes easier and by providing best in class products, keeping in mind their commitment to God's greater glory, the betterment of their employees, shareholders and society in general.

For more information about Mustard Seed please visit their website at www.mseedsystems or visit their Facebook page at

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