Nestlé 21 Mornings: Choose Wellness, Eat Breakfast!

by - July 06, 2015

On July 8 , Nestlé Philippines will launch its 21 Mornings Programs to encourage consumers to eat breakfast and and to show how important it is to start your day with it. The program is a 21 day meal plan designed by Nestlé Philippines  together with a panel of chefs and nutritionist to get you started on a wellness breakfast habit. Why 21? It is based on the notion that it takes 21 days to build a habit. And what better habit it is to build than to start your day eating the most important meal of the day.

The Wellness Breakfast Program have ways of promoting breakfast that everyone can easily prepare, or can eat on the go, or a full and hearty breakfast. Consumers who will sign up for this are given 21 day Breakfast Plan, Recipes with Nutrients Count, Wellness Tips and a Grocery Checklist  to help you complete the program.

In line with this, Nestlé Philippines introduced its Nestle Wellness Ambassadors who will help promote awareness about the various breakfast options you can choose. Jmaes Younghusband, Dani Barretto and Nicole  Hernandez delos Angeles each have their breakfast options that suited their lifestyle.

For  Footballer James Younghusband a typical breakfast includes oatmeal or toast, eggs and corned beef with a side of freshly squeezed orange juice. His football training usually means he finds himself waking up early to prepare for a full day of practice. That's why he loves to keep his breakfast simple and easy to pack. James being on the move makes him perfect for an on the go breakfast.

For Nicole Hernandez, delosAngeles, being a mom, it's a challenge for her to get her kids to eat what they don't like the most: vegetables. But she finds way around, preparing healthy and yummy meals for the entire family to enjoy. She prepares a meal for her sons and husband that they can gobble up before heading out. Her experience preparing home meals for the family made her an easy choice for the 5 star Wellness Breakfast.

Dani Barretto, an active Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger/College Student, prefers a quick, simple yet complete breakfast. Something she can enjoy before heading off to her classes. Her typical morning meal is a bowl of cereal with skimmed milk, and sliced up fruit plus a mug of Milo. Being a students, she normally has to head out a bit early to beat the traffic and make it to her class on time. But that doesn't stop Dani to eat her daily breakfast, even if she only have fifteen minutes or less to prepare it.

Nestlé will have a 21 day breakfast sampling activity via the Wellness Breakfast Truck, which will visit selected venues and promote various breakfast options. They will be giving out free breakfast and a Nestle beverage for the first 500 consumers per day on different venues.

To sign up and know more about the Nestle 21 Mornings Program, visit the Nestle Choose Wellness website at

DISCLAIMER: The 21 Mornings Meal Plan created by Nestle Wellness is not a substitute for the professional judgment of healthcare professionals in diagnosing and treating patients. Participants are advice to consult their doctors before making drastic changes in their diet and lifestyle.

Note: Cropped photos of James Younghusband, Nicole Delos Angeles and Dani Barretto is from Bagista Filipina

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