Good News/Bad News: Jeon Ji Hyeon and Kim Soo Hyun of My Love From The Stars Trending Right Now

by - July 23, 2015

Well, let's start with the good news first. South Korean Actress Jeon Ji Hyeon is 10 weeks pregnant! Finally. It's been three years since she got married to businessman Choi Jun Hyuk. She is due to give birth sometime in January 2016, It's a good thing she already finished promoting her movie Assassination which will be shown today.

This is her agency official statement:

"It's still the beginning of her pregnancy, so they're being very careful. Currently, Jeon Ji Hyeon plans to focus on her health and the baby. We sincerely thank everyone for their interest"
And now for the bad news. Well, it's more of a sad news really. I didn't know that my favorite star Kim Soo Hyun of My Love from the Star have a sister. Well, more like a half sister. As a fan, I know that he's an only child and that his father left him and his mother at an early age. His mother took care of him, and the rest is history.

But  someone, who just made a singing debut but has not officially debuted yet, by the name of Kim Joo Na said that she's Kim So Hyun sister. Make that Half Sister. What's raising the ire of the netizens is the dubious little tidbits she's been giving out to the public. She said that she and her brother had live together during their childhood and that they were "very close." And the fact that she'd mentioned the complicated family situation doesn't seat well with many of Soo Hyun's oppa's fans. And what's more suspicious is this statement made by her agency. It's just reek of publicity.

"There was no intention to promote her with the news that she's Kim Soo Hyun's half-sister. We didn't try to hide the fact either, and we feel burdened that it's unintentionally made headlines. Kim Joo Na herself is also surprised."


And with this scandal, Kim Soo Hyun's agency Key West released an official statement. I just loved how Koreans love issuing those Official Statement, don't you?

“It is true that Kim Joo Na is Kim Soo Hyun’s half-sister. But we know that they never lived together. He also didn’t know she was preparing to become a singer. He sends cheers regardless now that he knows”

Well, let's all hope that everything will end well. But judging the way those netizens reacted strongly to Kim Joo Na's recent statements they won't let it died down.

Cheers to Jeon Ji Hyun for her first baby and to Kim Soo Hyun for acknowledging his half sister.

Note: Photo's used in the pictographs are not mine.

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