Waived Tourist Visa Fee to Those Who Will Visit Korea Between July 6 and September 2015

by - July 02, 2015

Good news for Filipinos who will visit Korea despite MERS scare, Korean Immigration Service has announced that it will waive visa fee to China, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia, thus making it far easier for tourist to enter and stay in Korea.

Tourists can benefit from free tourist visa between July 6 to September 30, 2015. Also the three month tourist visas issued between March 1 and June 30, 2015, numbering to a million, can be extended, allowing visitors to stay for as many as six months. They won’t need to visit an immigration office to have their visa extended, even if it has expired.

South Korean tourism industry has suffered a blow since the MERS outbreak last May. According to sources, All of South Korea's cases are believed to be linked to hospitals or related services and have been traced back to the businessman who had recently returned from the Middle East.

WHO said it saw no sign the disease was spreading in the community and there was also no indication the virus in South Korea was mutating into one more easily passed between people.

But it said South Korea should anticipate more cases and recommended stepped up disease control and prevention measures. 

MERS is caused by a corona virus from the same family as the one that caused SARS. There is no cure or vaccine.

It is more deadly than SARS but does not spread as easily.

So for those who will travel to South Korea and is not afraid of MERS, just be safe. Wear disposable mask at all times. Avoid crowded places, hospitals, clinics. And most of all, observe personal hygiene.

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