3D Permanent Make-Up Specialist Awaits You at The Eyebrowdery

by - July 15, 2015

Jean Haner, a facial reading expert, once said that" your eyebrows are signifier of your self-confidence, assertiveness, logic, organizational activities, motivation  and how you make decisions." If that is the case wouldn't you want your perfectly shaped eyebrow to be more permanent?

No need to go abroad for this procedure. The Eyebrowdery, 3D Permanent Make-Up Specialist will do the job for you and more.

I am privileged enough to witness first-hand the main services offered by The Eyebrowdery namely; Eyebrow Embroidery, Eyeliner Embroidery and Lip Embroidery. 

One notable thing about The Eyebrowdery is that they offer the most innovative way  of putting make-up on your beautiful face with their materials coming from natural plant extract, making it very organic, environment friendly and a hundred percent safe.

As we started, i was amazed to learn that the beautiful CEO of The Eyebrowdery, Ms. Klarisse Tabao, who welcomed us so warmly earlier, will do the three procedure! Klarisse looks quite young for her profession but she knows all the latest development and trends. With a keen sense of fashion and as i said earlier, beautiful, Klarisse took up classes in Singapore from a very famous school Dolly Tan of Aesthetics International Academy and with high commendation for her natural skills in beautifying everything she was given a Diploma in Permanent Make-Up Embroidery.

The Eyebrowdery CEO Klarisse Tabao Explaining About The Eyebrowdery and its services
Eyebrow Embroidery

Beforehand Ms. Klarisse gave us a brush up on how the procedure will go by. She then led us to the room where the procedure will be done. It was small but it doesn't have that "clinical" look so you feel at home immediately. Earlier she showed us photos of the many procedure she has done and she even presented one of her staff, Rose, who has done the eyebrow, eyeliner and lip embroidery.

She then proceeded with the model. First, she  took measure of the eyebrow symmetry by using thread as a measure.

After the measurement, she then outlined the brow. She makes sure that you like the eyebrow shape and will let you look, every now and then, how it would look like.

Then a staff put a topical numbing cream on the eyebrow area. The cream is put on one eye first and after thirty minutes or the cream will be put in the other eye so that it will not wear off as the procedure goes on. Klarisse further explained that people have different pain threshold and the topical numbing cream that will be slathered also differs. There were cases where some clients fell asleep during the procedure.

This is the instrument she will be using with the eyebrow embroidery and will only use vegetable dye which is natural and organic. All the instruments that enter the skin and come in contact with body fluids are sealed and sterilized before use and dispose of after use.
And thus it begin... Klarisse, with her steady hands, does the embroidery. She says that the 3D procedure looks more realistic than the tattooing procedure. Tattooing aims for a permanent brow shape and structure which eventually fade off into colors green, blue or reddish tone whereas embroidery, also known as eyebrow hairline stroke is a semi permanent technique using vegetable dye pigment drawn onto the skin to give you more natural looking brow.

And here's the before and after.
There's a tiny bit or no bleeding at all during the painless eyebrow embroidery procedure. The model said it does not hurt at all, just a slightly uncomfortable feeling after the procedure was done, due mainly  to the numbing cream but all in all it was a painless one.
And there was not even redness afterward. Side effects may vary, slight swelling around the area or some tenderness maybe felt.

Klarisse said  that the brow will be dark for a few days but once they heal they will lightened and look natural. After care is very important after the procedure, once the eyebrow area scabbed or peeled you should not picked it and just let it be. After care cream is readily available. True effects will show after four to six weeks and since the vegetable pigment put on the brow is semi-permanent, it will fade over time and will need a touch up after two years and if you're lucky even up to five years.


Eyeliner can be draw on upper lashes, beneath or even both. With the same procedure on eyebrow, the eyeliner embroidery can enhance the eye shape and beautifies the eyes. You can even request if you want t tight lined or even winged.

Basically the same procedure as the eyebrow, the model undergoes the usual step. You need to close your eyes during this procedure otherwise you might be paranoid that the numbing cream will get into your eyes but really it's safe and no need for worry. The model even fall asleep during the eyeliner embroidery.

and when she woke up she has an enhanced eyeliner. No fuss at all. There's absolutely no bleeding but the eyeliner area will be tender for a few hours. 


It's a procedure that tones up the lips to a more natural pinkish color instead of dull and lifeless shade. Who wouldn't want a lips that always appear rosy, smooth, supple and most of all KISSPROOF!

With the lip embroidery, you can actually choose a color that compliments your skin. It is very safe and practical and will save you money in the long run. And what more, you are ready to kiss all the time.

This is the model lips before the procedure and the topical  numbing cream.

After traces of her lipsticks were wiped off and the numbing cream was put on.

and this is her lips after an hour of  embroidery procedure. Isn't it lovely?

I was also treated to a Threading service. A different kind of threading I tell you. My brows were looked over, then drawn upon to the shape i want the most and afterward, they started the painless threading. It was so unlike my previous experience from others where they just thread away. At The Eyebrowdery, they are concerned with the aesthetic aspect and the result is very good.

The Eyebrowdery is located at Unit 201 Fox Square Building, 53 Connecticut St., Greenhills.

For more information on their services and scheduling log on to www.eyebrowdery.com

They are also on:

Facebook     theeyebrowdery
Twitter         eyebrowdery
Instagram   eyebrowdery

NOTE: The first photo are from The Eyebrowdery instagram account, and the photos used in the lip embroidery is from Sam Lanuza. The rest of the photos are mine.

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