Road Trip: The Nissan NV350 Urvan Ride and Drive Adventure

by - June 28, 2015

It was a bright and sunny day when I arrived at the Nissan Showroom in Chino Roces, Makati.  I and my blogger friends were lucky enough to be invited and be part of the lifestyle media team that will go on a road trip to Tagaytay and Batangas. And what better ride we’re going to use than with Nissan’s latest baby – the NV350 Urvan. 

Already several select members of motoring and lifestyle media gathers for a sumptuous breakfast served by Dulcinea. The ever amiable Nissan President and Managing Director Sir Toti Zara were seen talking to some of them  and as the time for departure draws near, he gave us a send-off speech which makes everyone excited.  This trip is meant to be a barkada trip and we should enjoy it to the max.

The Nissan main office was our jump off point before the trip from Tagaytay to Batangas. We have our own van and there were seven of us inside. It's just too bad that none of us will get to drive this baby, well except for Driver George.

As passenger we always look for riding comfort, what kind of transport we're using especially if we're in for long travel. And this is the day we're going to find out if the all new Nissan NV350 will live up to its expectations as we put it through the mountain climbing paces on the way to Batangas.

In getting inside the van you will immediately notice how cold it is and I love the smell that only a new car/van gives off. We settled in quickly and everyone is really quite excited. As I was trying to find a comfortable way to seat laidback and looking where the cold air was coming from, I noticed these individual vents mounted not in the usual place we know but off center on the van's ceiling. I counted twelve points, no wonder it was so cool and relaxing. Now everyone won't fight just to get cool air. Each will have their own share.

On the expressway, I thought that the backrest was a little off. I'm used to leaning back where my head had something to rest on. I want to catch up on my sleep and the cool van interior makes me sleepy.  But the backrest is really just for the back of your body and I will only realized why this is so after the long hours of travel. The backrest was designed so that you won't feel tired even after long hours of travel. Isn't that nice? I also noticed that the interiors have more legroom especially the front occupants after the driver's place.

Photo by Carlo Chongucon

I was told that the driver seat opened up to more legroom and cargo can be placed alongside the occupant's legs as the gearshift which used to be on the floor is now part of the dashboard panel.

As the van take on the uphill, twisty road leading to Tagaytay, I noticed how powerful the engine of the NV350. Even along the South Expressway where our driver George tried to overtake other cars several times, you will notice its smooth acceleration.

Providing 356 Newton-meters of torque, complemented by 129 PS in power, the turbo-charged engine generates higher torque from low to medium speed range, translating to ease of starting and smoother acceleration.
The all-new NV350 Urvan’s engine and Load Sensing Valve (LSV) work in tandem to optimize the balance in break pressure between the front and rear brakes, giving power when it’s needed, and reliable braking whether the vehicle is full or empty. 

I was not really nervous when Driver George tried to overtake because I noticed that he can pull it off with the Urvan's excellent braking capability. We even enjoyed the speed and laughed off when we passed on the other vans.

When we reached the R1 Diversion near Tagaytay it was then that the motoring group and Lifestyle group parted ways with the motoring going their way to Anilao and us for a pit stop at Chef Antonio before we reached our final destination of Pico de Loro.

After our amazing lunch at Chef Antonio, where Chef Tony Boy even made an appearance and greeted us, we went our merry way towards Pico de Loro. 

Our trip and adventure was a first class all the way. From the start, on the pit stop, then to Pico de Loro then back to Manila, Nissan Philippines and the staff as well as the PR team especially YMV treated the lifestyle media group very well.


Since safety comes first with Nissan, NV350 Urvan it features:

  • A protected front and sides with a zone body impact zones. In cases of collision, the energy is absorbed and dissipated thus lessening impact effects for the passengers.
  • Seat belts and airbag provisions for the driver and front passengers; 
  • A high-mounted stop lamp LED that is mounted over the rear cargo door as additional visual warning; and,
  • Child-safety locks installed as standard features.
The all-new NV350 Urvan has also upgraded its designs:

  • Classic color choice of white and silver. 
  • Form-wise, it also sports a clean and modern form, with a shortened overhang, longer wheelbase, and an aerodynamic side view with the removal of the side roof drip channel. 
  • Other visual enhancements include an angled strut front grille with sharply angled halogen headlights, leading to a leaner look, and a squared rear design that emphasizes the roomy impression of its cargo space.  
  • Rounding off the external looks are the flush side windows as well as the chrome rear emblem and 15-inch wheel covers. 

And because Nissan firmly stands behind its products, customers are assured of after-sales attention and service, the Nissan way.  Those who will use the NV350 Urvan for utility purposes and will be registered as PUV will get to enjoy three years manufacturer’s warranty with no additional cost, a first in the local automotive industry. 

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