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Ever since Nissan has introduced the Urvan in the Philippine market over two decades ago, this particular van model has made a strong impact on the local motoring scene, selling strongly all through the years.  And today, Nissan Philippines Inc (NPI) introduces the 5th generation Urvan: the all-new NV350 Urvan.

What led to the vehicle’s staying power in the van category?  Key to its success were its class-leading engine, riding comfort and updated modern design. Starting off with its upgraded engine, the powerful 2.5L engine similar to the engine platform of the all-new NP300 Navara pickup truck, the all-new NV350 Urvan now makes it a cinch to carry tons of cargo and passengers up and down the steep, twisty mountainous roads leading to  a quick snack and selfie-stop at a picturesque spot. No need to fear losing steam when it comes to overtaking on an incline, or even when it comes to braking while fully loaded, thanks to the Load Sensing Valve (LSV) that work  together with the engine in optimizing the balance in break pressure between the front and rear brakes.  Plus, given the engine’s power, starting and accelerating has become smoother, leading to less jerky starts and stops.

Afraid that all this power will come at the cost of fuel efficiency? Not with Nissan’s advanced technologies that leads to the all-new NV350 Urvan’s fuel efficiency.  A shift indicator on the dashboard gives visual cues to the driver when to change gears, thereby maximizing the power of the drive train without wasting a drop of fuel.
Photo by Carlo Chungunco
Proof to the Urvan’s reliability is a testament from Mr. Pablo “Mang Ali” Ramones, a service van rental owner. “My daughters gifted me with an Urvan before they got married, so I would have a source of livelihood.  I picked the Urvan because I knew its quality would stand up to the demands of my work.  And true enough, in all my long drives — I even reached Pagudpud in the north, and Tacloban in the south — my Urvan has never disappointed me, never stopped in unexpected spots, never put me in an awkward situation.”

My Urvan, it never let me down,” Ramones emphasized.


Even with long drives, both passengers and drivers alike can still continue their trip in comfort, thanks to the improved airconditioning design. Now, even passengers in the rear cabin of the all-new NV350 Urvan can enjoy the vaunted Nissan cool air experience via the individual vents mounted on twelve points off-center on the van’s ceiling.

The Urvan has been a part of my family for a long time now,” said Mr. Antonio “Boy Blue” Ocampo, entrepreneur-businessman.  “So much so that we already consider it as a part of the family. It served as our reliable vehicle in our out-of-town trips to Tagaytay and Baguio. At one point, it even became our refuge during the power crisis years!  We’d take it out to the village parking lot, and all our seven kids would lay out their pillows and blankets and go to sleep with the Nissan’s cold aircon!”

Inside the all-new NV350 Urvan, the smart cockpit is designed to lend extra space via a generous legroom and elbow room afforded by the redesigned interior area. Having the gear stick shift moved onto the instrument panel board also frees up the front cabin floor area, creating more space to stow bags in. The steering wheel features a moveable range for tilt, while the driver’s seat allows him to adjust the extent of the slide distance, for maximum driving comfort.

We’ve already gone through two Urvan models, the Escape and the Escapade.  And once I can afford it, I’ll get another Urvan. Why not?  It’s really value for money, what with its new, strong engine and roomy space. My family’s growing, I already have grandchildren as passengers to think about,” Ocampo said.


And because Nissan firmly stands behind its products, new customers are assured of after-sales attention and service, the Nissan way.   One major advantage is having a lower Total Cost of Operation, where the cost of fuel and maintenance over three years of normal operation is found to be 12% less than its nearest competitor.  This translates to considerable savings at the end of a three-year run.  

Complementing this is a host of other benefits, such as enjoying a three-year manufacturer’s warranty at no additional cost, for those who will use the all-new NV350 Urvan for utility purposes and will be registered as Public Utility Vehicle.  This is a first in the local automotive industry. UV owners can also avail of the Alagang Nissan Program, where one can have competitively-priced, dealer-quality service, as well as access to the Nissan Customer Assistance Center (NCAC), a concierge facility which provides 24/7 emergency roadside assistance and valet service.

For UV Express shuttle operator and driver Ms. Marissa de Vera, she considers her Urvan as her valuable and trusted partner.

I have been in different businesses all my life, but it is only in this business that I stayed for the long haul.  When I was starting out, I did my research by asking other drivers for their recommendations.  Almost all of them pointed me to the Urvan, because of its easy maintenance, fuel economy and cold aircon. And true enough, my Urvan has never delivered short on any of my shuttle runs.”

My Urvan? I consider it my partner in life.”


            The all-new NV350 Urvan is now available in the following configurations and pricing:
15-seater                     PhP1.183M
18-seater                     PhP1.196M
                      3-seater cargo             PhP1.177M

The all-new NV350 Urvan is available in standard colors Alpine White and Brilliant Silver and special-order colors of Black Obsidian, Tiger Eye Brown, and Precision Grey.

Whether it is a trusted partner in business or as a family sidekick, the all-new NV350 Urvan will make sure that it will always have your back, and make you literally arrive in style.

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Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI) is the sole national sales company of Nissan in the Philippines which started its operations in 2014. NPI is responsible for strengthening brand, marketing and sales strategy, and dealer operations in the Filipino market.

Nissan ranked the highest in customer satisfaction with after-sales service among new vehicle owners according to the J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2014 Philippines Customer Service Index (CSI) Study.

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