Nissan Launched Its NV350 Urvan

by - June 15, 2015

On June 11, Nissan Philippines, Inc. launched their NV350 Urvan at the Grand Ballroom of Marriott Hotel. It’s a grandiose event that only Nissan is known for and was hosted by the very lively Giselle Sanchez and attended by clients, media and celebrities alike.

During the media launch, Mr. Antonio Zara, Nissan Philippines very charming President narrated Nissan history and later extolled the usefulness of the new NV350 Urvan.

With a complete overhaul design from inside and out, the NV350 is designed to meet the needs of family, entrepreneurs (big and small ones), hospitals as well as shuttle operators.

Although the NV350 Urvan will not be locally produced, Nissan Philippines moves to drive their sales higher with this and is conservatively looking to sell 3500 to 4000 units for a full-year period according to Mr. Zara.

So what are the features of the NV350 Urvan: 
  • It comes mated with a 5-speed automatic.
  • It uses 2.0 to 2.5 liter gasoline engine
  • It has LED parking lamps as well as HID Head Lamps.
  • Its steering wheel has movable range for tilt.
  • It comes with a push engine start/stop.
  • A foot operated parking brake.
  • Improved air conditioning designs for passenger comfort during rides.
  • Extra leg-room, as well as elbow room
  • Multi-info display dashboard.
  • Shift indicator on the dashboard for driver as to when to shift.
  • A very well equipped and distinctive taillights
  • A Refreshed bumper and chrome emblem
  • 15-inch wheels.
  • A third brake light.
  • Driver's seat allowance for adjustment of the slide as well as the extent of slide distance.
  • Delivers 129 PS at 200 RPM and a 356 NM of Torque between 1400 to 2000 RPM
The NV350 Urvan will come in standard colors of Alpine White and Brilliant Silver. While it’s special colors are Precision Grey, Black Obsidian and Tiger Eye Brown. These special colors can be arranged for delivery given a three month lead time.

So how much will this NV350 Urvan cost you?

These are the prices and configuration of NV350 Urvan when this will be made available today June 15, 2015.

15-seater              PhP 1.183 million
18-seater              PhP 1.196 million
 3-seater cargo     PhP 1.177 million

All about Mr. Antonio Zara:

The President of Nissan Philippines, he has a long and prestigious history working for the top car brands in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. At Nissan helm for almost a year now, Sir Toti Zara was previously Managing Director for International Sales at GM Korea. He also served as Vice President of ASEAN Sales, Service and Marketing at GM Southeast Asia, Chevrolet Thailand, and president of Sales at General Motors Japan. He was also Director for Sales, Service, Marketing of GM Indonesia, and Direct for Sales of GM Philippines.

The photos seen here are made available by Arnold Yew and Beth Sia.

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