Jurassic World: WhenInManila.com with PMCM Events Management and Resorts World Movie Blocked Screening Partnership

by - June 22, 2015

There's nothing like a movie about humans tampering with dinosaurs genetically to remind us all the reason why we are lucky that dinosaurs have become extinct and that they no longer roam the earth.

I love dinosaurs in concept and I have been a fan of the Jurassic franchise since I first saw it twenty two years ago. And after fourteen years of waiting for another sequel, I'm happy to learn that the story line is focus on Dinosaurs + Theme Park = Jurassic World. It is an island theme park where visitors get up close and personal with a dinosaur.

Zach and Grey get to visit their Aunt Claire, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, in Isla Nublar. And their adventures begin.

With the new and modern amenities, pre-historic creatures and an interactive museum, Zach and Gray enjoy VIP treatment while Aunt Claire, Jurassic World Operations Manager introduces investors to their newest attraction, Indominus Rex. Unbeknownst to them, the smart and dinosaur hybrid is a wily one and becomes the park nightmare as it escapes and wrecks havoc and killed other dinosaurs.

Enter Owen Grady, played by the ever charming Chris Pratt, Dinosaur Whisperer in its finest and hotness. He helped Claire saved her nephews although at first he's a little bit doubtful that Claire can help him, what with the way she dresses and her ridiculous shoes. But together they overcome the chaos brought by Indominus Rex.

Oh, I know I forgot to mention the Velociraptors. Those Raptors totally rocks. Charlie, Delta, Echo and Blue also provided the suspense and thrill especially in the end where one of them cornered Indominus Rex and got help by the old-Dino of Jurassic Park.

And yes, Aunt Claire last for more than two minutes and in those ridiculous shoes too...

I don't really care if some plot of the movie are stupid, what important is that Jurassic World entertains and all the dinosaurs are pretty awesome,


The Jurassic World VIP Movie Blocked Screening last June 10, 2015 at the Resorts World Ultra-Cinema 1 was a hit. It was attended by Media Partners, Bloggers, Celebrities and representatives of Resorts World. This movie screening in La-Z boy seats was made possible by WhenInManila.com with PMCM Events Management and Resorts World.

The movie events partnership was also launched during that night and the program was hosted by the publisher of WhenInManila.com Mr. Vince Golangco and was organized by PMCM Events Management CEO Miss Mys Sandico and her team.

Sponsors were The Tannery Manila, OKF Beverages and media partners were Business Mirror, BPORadio.com, JD Media Production, Pageone.ph, The Philippines Event, Light TV Network and more. 

To join the ANT MAN movie blocked screening in Resorts World on July 15, please contact PMCM Events Management at 505 3746 / 0917 834 4978 or like us on FB https://www.facebook.com/pmcm.eventsmanagement

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