Wasabi Warriors Marched into Town With Sensational Sushi

by - May 11, 2015

I've read somewhere that Sushi is food for the eye, body and soul. 

Food for the eye i can understand. The assortment of sushi is like one big plate of art, both pleasing to the eye and the senses. Food for the body - sushi is  a low fat dish and uses little oil. And food for the soul - well i only know that sushi tastes divine.
Maki_Tuna Mayo and Avocado, Panko Prawn, Fresh Salmon

Maki_California, Chicken Teriyaki, Fresh Salmon, Prok Prawn, Tuna and Avocado

A little sushi backgrounder, sushi means vinegar in Japanese. It refers to the vinegar used to season the rice, after all a sushi is 70 percent rice. But why am i waxing poetic about sushi?

You see, the healthiest sushi fast-food chain in the world, Wasabi Warriors formally launched its first Philippine outlet on May 6, 2015 at The Gramercy Residences in Century City, Kalayaan Avenue. Isn't that amazing? Who would have thought that the terms "healthy" and "fast food" could be used to describe the same restaurant?

Established in Sydney in 2007, the sushi chain is known for creating innovatively crafted meals and providing alternatives to the unhealthy fare offered by most fast-food chains and convenience stores. The brand currently has four branches in Australia, and also has outlets in Hong Kong, New Zealand, and soon the United Arab Emirates.

Seared Salmon Nagiri
I'm no sushi connoisseur but the texture, taste and color of the sushi I ate that day is the best so far. And to think that a robot made that! True to its fast-food nature, Wasabi Warriors uses a specially made sushi robot that can make 500 rolls per hour and a rice mixer that automatically blends rice for the sushi dishes.
This baby can make 500 rolls of Sushi per hour!
Furthermore, the Australian chain use locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients, “We believe in supporting local farmers to ensure the sustainability and growth of the local food industry,” says Kimmi Siu Dewar of Swinging Chairs Establishments, the Filipino company that brought Wasabi Warriors to the country.
Kimmi Seu Dewar, CEO and Warrior Wasabi Chef
“Wasabi Warriors’ operations revolve around its ‘green heart’ philosophy, which offers diners the chance to live by three intertwined tenets—to eat good, do good, and feel good,” Dewar stresses.
Wasabi Warriors Advocacy
According to Dewar, to “eat good” specifically refers to eating fresh, premium food that is nutritionally beneficial for the customers’ well-being. In turn, to “do good” means supporting business practices that help the oceans, the earth, and the animals. “Feel good” refers to knowing that, when they eat at the restaurant, customers also help honor practices that are good for the environment.

Although Wasabi Warriors is globally known as a grab-and-go sushi spot, its first branch in the Philippines will have a dine-in area, a first for the global franchise. “Filipinos love to visit restaurants and this is why we believe that including a dine-in area in our very first restaurant here in the country will be a big boost for us,” Dewar says. “It allows diners to immediately partake of the food they ordered, in turn, allowing them to enjoy the true freshness of Wasabi Warriors’ dishes,” she adds.

Wasabi Warriors draws Inspiration from the Japanese Bushido, a warrior code which eventually became the basis for ethical training in Japanese society. Bushido literally means “the way of the warrior” and espouses respect, honor, and excellence—virtues that guide Wasabi Warriors’ daily operations.

Helping guide customers to “eat good, do good and feel good” are the five Wasabi Warriors brothers: Ocean, Beefy, Porky, Chicken, and Veggie. Each of the brothers personifies a different facet of Wasabi Warriors’ overall advocacy which is to honor the ocean, the earth, and animals.

“Here in the Philippines, every day can be a struggle to stay healthy. It can be a struggle to eat right, to resist temptation, and to stay fit,” Dewar notes. “And this is why there is Wasabi Warriors, to make eating better food that’s good for you, more convenient for everyone,” she adds.

Indeed, Wasabi Warriors promises not only good food, but also the good feeling of knowing that aside from eating food that is organically healthy, one also does his share in the protection of the environment and the social integration of the marginalized youth.

And here's more Sushi photos:

For more information about Wasabi Warriors and menu, visit < http://wasabiwarriors.com.ph/>

Wasabi Warriors is located at Unit 5 The Gramercy Residences, Makati City

Photos with captions are official photos and the rest is mine.

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