Polident: GSK Launches "Take the Polident Challenge" for Proper Denture Care Campaign

by - May 23, 2015

Philippines has highest numbers of Denture wearers in Asia

Leading global pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in their recent study findings showed that 30% or about 9 million Filipinos wear dentures either from improper oral care, illness, and other due to accidental loss of teeth.

Denture wearers faced many problems and dilemmas such as embarrassing moment when their teeth comes out of their mouth or they cannot consume the food they like for fear that their denture might loosen thus hindering them from their daily activities. Another problem is maintenance, study found out that 90 percent denture wearers only go back for a visit when there's a major problem or there's a need to change it. They tend to be more complacent with their dental health and this leads to more dental problems.

With all these findings GSK in partnership with the Philippine Prosthodontic Society has launched an awareness campaign "Take the Polident Challenge" in an event at the Palacio de Maynila Rajah Sulayman, Malate last May 14. Polident  is a denture adhesive and denture cleaner manufactured and distributed by GSK. Polident is an ally of denture wearers in maintaining and caring for false teeth to give back to denture wearers their self-confidence and allows them to pursue regular activities.

During the launch, the General Manager of GSK Consumer Health Care, Mr. Jeoffrey Yulo reiterates GSK role of providing Filipino consumers with products that  will support their oral hygiene needs. "We have a job to do here, and that is to communicate to them that they can enjoy the food they want, and that they can eat, speak and smile."

Also at the launch, a giant, 30 feet inflatable corn cob can be seen by everyone. This corn cob with a denture biting into it depicts the physical hardships denture wearers experience in their life.

The giant corn can be seen at Rajah Sulayman until May 17, at the Plaza Miranda Quiapo on May 22 to 24 and May 29 - 31 at the Tutuban Market. During the campaign awareness GSK will have a baranggay activation truck that will be giving out samples. Products testing as well as dental consultation will be provided to denture wearers.

You can also request for a free sample of Polident Denture Cleanser and Polident Adhesive Cream and they will deliver nationwide by calling this number, 632-9242475.

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