All Day and Night Entertainment at Sparks 24H Club and Sports Bar

by - May 29, 2015


Take your sports passion/hobby, hobnobbing skills and palate on a journey as the new addition to Sparks, they have another branch in Malate, is now in the entertainment district of Tomas Morato in QC.  . I've only been to a few Sports Bar in my "social" life but when I entered Sparks 24H Club and Sports Bar to watch the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight of the century last May 3, I have the feeling that this ain't just another sports bar. We went up to the second level and i like the stairs leading up to it, looks rustic. I also noticed that the ground floor is big and you can imagine that once they officially open it's gonna be jam-packed.

The Pacquiao-Mayweather fight is such a disappointment but we fully enjoyed watching it live over at Sparks with its good food, attentive service from the staff and the very friendly and extremely accommodating management.

So how good is Sparks you might ask? Mind you they were not formally opened yet but already all-out entertainment is given to its customers.

The cool and comfortably dark ambiance of the place makes you want to just simply sit back and watch across the many TV screens that covers the whole area. Anywhere you turn your head to, there's a TV screen.

As I've said before it is more than just a sports bar, it's also a club. Currently housed at Guilly's, SPARKS 24-H Club and Sports Bar is in partnership with Solaire Resort and Casino, the pioneer in 24/7 entertainment. It will soon formally open to welcome hardcore sports enthusiast, avid sports watchers, friends and even families. Yes, even families who can enjoy its sumptuous menus while Dad's eyes or your boyfriend's are glued to watching whatever international sports SPARKS is showing on the screen.

Aiming to sell only the best entertainment experience one can ever have, Sparks offer five different ways for you to enjoy.
  • Dance Club where you can dance the night and day away.
  • Sports Bar where you can enjoy the wine and food while you enjoy watching your favorite sports.
  • VIP Room + Karaoke with the best entertainment set up, thousands of international songs, dual TVs and gadget charging.
  • Recreational Sports like Beer Pong, Foosball, Air Hockey, Darts among others.
  • Spa Rooms for male and female for that much needed recharge.

Moreover, you can sample world class dishes and they are not just your typical sports bar food. Their premium drinks have a pretty good selection of wine and beers.

So what are you waiting for?. Come visit Sparks and experience multi-dimensional entertainment.

Sparks Club and Bar - 24 Hour Entertainment is located at
2nd Floor of Guilly's Island Club at Tomas Morato QC

Visit their FB page at Sparks Club and Bar
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