Taste Spotting: Potts Point Bayside

by - April 25, 2015

“We believe that good food is not just about taste. It’s about life giving ingredients that doesn’t take away anything from our health.”
So says one of the signboard on display at Potts Point.

The grand opening of Potts Point Bayside on April 11, 2015 is a momentous affair bringing together friends, loyal customers as well as bloggers and its management. The ribbon cutting ceremony was presided by Chef James. And afterwards we were treated to a sumptuous meal.

Potts Point, which inspired the owners of the resto is a place in inner Sydney popular with the rich and the famous. It is a place surrounded by a myriad of dining place which offers culinary treats from all over. And Potts Point here in the Philippines is where you get to eat organic and healthy food.

Potts Point Bayside is different from its Eastwood branch according to co-owner Ms. Trixie Domingo. In this branch, they served mostly seafoods but still true to form as they serve it fresh and organic.

While waiting for our meal, they served us Camote Fries with Ketchup dip. It was baked and dipping it in ketchup makes it more tasty.

The degustation started off with an appetizer of Shaksuhuka with Organic Pork Sausage and Organic Eggs with Toasted Baguette.

I thought it was Chili con Carne with eggs on top but once you tasted it you’ll know its not. The combination of pork sausage, eggs and the toasted baguette is enough to whet your appetite for more.

Next is the Cream of Organic Cauliflower Soup with Truffle Foam. I was kind of fascinated with the Truffle foam but somehow it enhanced the creamy taste of the soup.

The Thai Chopped Salad with Grilled Chicken, Crispy Wanton and Pomelo is so spicy for me and has a nutty aftertaste.

Then they serve the pasta. It’s Salmon Linguine with Capers in Dill Cream. You can taste how fresh the salmon is because of its sweet flavor.
After just four menu, i almost forgot that what we were eating comes from organic source. I sometimes equate organic to non tasty...

We also have Melange of Seafood provencale with Brown Rice Risotto. I’m not much into Risotto but the seafood tastes fresh as if it was just caught from the sea.

Next is the entree -  Roast Australian Lamb with Bone Marrow with Brown Rice and Demiglace. The lamb and its sauce is a bit overwhelming and it must be good with white rice. But is there an organic white rice?

The sandwich that we sampled, Australian Grass Fed All Beef Burger with Australian Cheddar, Pickled Beets, Olive Oil Aioli and house-made Brioche Bun and served with Baked Camote Fries looks so delicious, you just want to look at it. The pickled beets is the best i’ve ever tasted. This burger is one of the must eat food when yo visit Potts Point.

The most awaited portion finally comes. The dessert. And it did not disappoint. We were served with Strawberry, Kiwi, and Mango Trifle with Light Vanilla Custard and Cookie Crumble. They should market the Light Vanilla Custard alone and they will make a fortune.

The English Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream is so heavenly. The contrasting hotness of the pudding and the ice cream is a great combination.

Overall, my Potts Point degustation is a well deserved meal. My thought was that healthy and organic food is not really that bad. It can be prepared in a delicious way - in a Potts Point way.

DRINKS OF THE DAY: Banana Berry and Affogato.

Great Food, Great Coffee, Great Experience.

Note: All the photos are mine. Please respect other's property.

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