Samwon, Mickel and X12 Gadgets and Appliances Relaunch #budgetforyourgadget

by - April 03, 2015

Last March 25, 2015 Samwon Appliances Relaunch was held at Jill's Fort BGC. The event was held to re-launch Samwon, Mickel and X12 products. Samwon is a wholesaler and distributor of quality home, car and professional audio and video systems such as TV's, speakers, amplifiers, mixers, stereos, components and all related accessories,
As their brand mission, they are dedicated to provide quality products without compromising on design and still maintaining competitive prices. And that's what they have shown us that night. We were able to see and test their TV's, amplifiers, and car radio. And the product i love the most is the water-proof speaker. It has bluetooth and no matter how it was put down on the floor or submerged in the water, the speaker is still in fine condition. 
Mickel and X12 products specializes on home amplifiers and professional radio mixers respectively. And you can have your own party and demonstration with that just small gadgets,

One good thing about their products is that all of them are very affordable, so easy on the budget and tailor-fit to our lifestyles. Its designs and functionality keep Samwon fresh and competitive in the market and as it is their promise, they will continuously provide better products to uplift the lives of the Filipino people.

For prices and everything about Samwon you can visit their website at and like their Facebook page Samwon Appliances FB,

The Samwon website also provide you details where you can buy the appliances as well as their service centers.

You can also find them at Lazada in the following links:

Note: The last three photos are NOT MINE and came from Samwon Facebook page.

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