by - April 04, 2015

#RIPPaulWalker has been trending again since The Fast and The Furious 7 has been released. I haven't been watching a movie in the big screen for a long time now but suddenly i wanted to see Paul Walker on the big screen for the last time. I have been a TFTF fan only because of Paul Walker and all those fast cars of course.

Paul Walker's death has left a big void especially to his many fans and since his major scenes for the movie was mostly done, the movie franchise took this opportunity to make a proper goodbye to Paul Walker. On most of his last scenes they make use of WETA digital and they used Paul's brothers body and then digitally implementing Paul's face on them to finish those scenes.

(Major spoilers ahead) And when i watched the scene where Brian's car veers off to the left and Vin's character goes right off their separate ways, i was crying. Kind of embarrassing when you're in a movie theater, And then the beach scene where the rest of the cast looks on and watched Brian and a pregnant Mia and their son frolicking is heartbreaking for me.

TFTF franchise has its own ups and downs and i don't know if there's going to be more of it but as for me, it ends with Paul Walker's death. It was such a fitting end and a tearful farewell. So long Paul Walker, you will never be forgotten.

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