Now! In Season Australia 2015

by - April 24, 2015

Sofitel, Manila 14 April 2015. The Australian Embassy launched the Now! in Season Australia, a fresh produce retail promotion that will run from April through May in local supermarket chains in the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia. It is a collaboration between Summerfruit Asutralia Limited (SAL), Australian Table Grape Association (ATGA), Apple and Pear Australia Ltd (APAL) and the Australian Government and local supermarket to provide the  Philippine market consumers quality, safe and healthy fruits from Australia.

For this promotional plans and activities, CEOs Jeffrey Scott and John Moore, Market Development Manager Olivia Tait as well as Ambassador Tweddell extols the excellent varieties of apples, pears, stone fruits, persimmons, and grapes from Australia and how fruit importers and retailers is ensured of the quality of fruits to consumers. As what Ambassador Twedell reiterated "With the growing awareness and demand for healthy and clean food options, more and more people are looking to Australia as a source of high quality, healthy and safe produce."

As an added special event Chef Tim Hollands, owner and head chef of HF Promotions and Tim Hollnds Catering  demonstrated the various way fruits in season can be incorporated to daily menu and how it can be healthy and good for our diet. 

Summerfruit Australia Limited (SAL) is the industry voice for the betterment of the Summerfruit production for fresh apricots, nectarines, peaches and plums. It represents the interest of the Summerfruit industry on a national and international basis. 

SAL is a communications channel, a lobby group, a provider of technical information and promoter of Summerfruit as a healthy nutritious fruit.

Approximately 700 growers nationally produced over 100,00 metric tons and currently export 13,000 metric tons to over  20 world destinations, principally Hong Kong, South East Asian regions-Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia & Philippines to name a few. Victorian regional centers of Swan Hill, Woorinen Goulburn Valley and Cobram are renown for producing over 65% of the national production.

Australia has 3 recognized pest free areas namely Tasmania, South Australia Riverland and the Greater Sunraysia area of North Western Victoria. Strict regulations by Australian Government Biosecurity Department ensure that no pest and disease of concerns are either exported or imported from/to Australia.

Summerfruit Australia:

The Australian Table Grape Association Inc (ATGA) is the peak industry body representing commercial table grape growers from across the country.
The ATGA employs a professional Chief Executive Officer to act as a focal point for communications and coordination within the industry.
The Executive is led by a Chairman with delegates from each state and territory that produce table grapes. Executive positions allow for one delegate per 8% of production, with a minimum of one for each state/territory.
Growers pay a levy of one cent per kilogram for table grapes produced in Australia which is payable at the first point of sale. The funds are collected by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) Levies Revenue Service (LRS) on behalf of the industry.
Australian Table Grapes Association:

Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL) is the peak industry body representing commercial apple and pear growers in Australia. APAL is charged with providing leadership, support and additional resources to drive key industry initiatives, which meet the goals of the industry strategic plan, (New Horizons 2015: Apple and Pear Industry Plan).

As an investment advisor, APAL provides advice to Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) with regard to the expenditure of research and marketing levies paid by each apple and pear grower in Australia. APAL plays a key role in setting the direction of the investment of research, development and marketing funds raised through the levy system. Through the Industry Advisory Committee (IAC), and its subcommittees, APAL provides industry advice on initiatives and strategies to advance the Australian apple and pear industry both domestically and internationally.

APAL also works closely with the industry to provide growers with essential tools and market opportunities to assist industry growth and increase the competitiveness of Australian apple and pear growers. APAL provides a number of services including:

Managing the delivery of extension activities and industry communications to help improve grower and supply chain business decision-making that will enhance day-to-day operations;
Providing variety evaluation and propagule certification; and
Assisting the development of potential export markets to help foster an export culture within the industry.
These activities are funded through the apple and pear grower levies that include voluntary contributions from industry with matched funding from the Australian Government for all research and development activities. These funds and activities are administered through HAL in close association with APAL.

Apple and Pear Australia Ltd.:

Note: The 7th photo is from my friend Marge Guevarra

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