Filipinas Don't Just watch TV - They Search It

by - April 21, 2015

Supplementing their favorite pastime, new research reveals that 61% of Filipinas simultaneously watch TV and look for more information about the shows they're watching

Manila, 15 April 2015 - Once considered a passive activity, Filipinas are making their TV viewing experience a more active engagement. For starters,task while watching TV - with 65% using their smartphones  and 64% on their laptops; most wanting more information on the TV show subject or the products that are advertised. This is one of the many fascinating insights revealed earlier today at NBC Universal International Television's High Heeled Warriors research presentation on women's content consumption habit.

Whether they "like" a brand, tweet about a TV show; follow a celebrity, post comments on a fan page or simply chat to a friend - Filipinas look to expand their TV experience via social media with 61% wanting more information on the show and 31% looking for information on the products that are advertised within the show.

"With this research, we now know how the Filipinas High Heeled Warriors engages with content, her preferred formats and various themes that resonate," says Christine Fellowes, Managing Director, Universal Networks International, Asia Pacific. "This information means clients can connect more deeply with female consumers and drive even more measurable business outcomes through strategic advertising and sponsorship."

High Heeled Warriors is NBCUniversals' ground-breaking research initiative to better understand the modern Asian woman. In the latest study, the leading media and entertainment company uncovers how brands can communicate to women with contents that engages and connects with them.

65% of women in the Philippines enjoy telling friends and relatives about products that have helped improve their lives. Not only do they trust their friends' endorsements, 63% of Filipinas' purchase decisions are strongly affected by celebrity testimonials.

Celebrities and stars - whether local or from Hollywood - are highly popular with Filipino audiences. Some of the celebrities that have freweuntly mentioned in the survey responses includes Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Lea Salonga, Sarah Geronimo and Ruffa Gutierrez.

Filipinas' obsession wth celebtities is highlighted by their TV content consumption, with 51% tuning into celebrities news. Other genres and themes that are populr include cooking (67%); reality TV shows (54%) and fashion makeovers (50%).

Filipinas are also South east Asia's biggest fan of US programming, with 85% watching US shows. They like TV characters that embody success, career-mindedness, ambition and independence, while having a strong sense of community at the same time. Fictional femles such as JJ Jareau on Universal Channel Criminal Minds, Jessica Pearson and Rachel Zane of Diva's Suits, Detective Olivia Benson from Diva's Law and Order:SVU and Alicia Florrick from Diva's The Good Wife resonates with women in the Philippines

Leading women channel DIVA and pop culture powerhouse E! are top channels for female audiences and dominate major consumer categories for advertisers who want to engage with women.

"Through our research we know what women like to watch and we re able to identify how bespoke content can communicate to women most effectively" continues Fellowes. "With data from High Heeled Warrios, NBCUniversal takes a targeted approach to its programming, marketing, and creative strategies to speak to female Pay-TV consumers in Asia".

Video - whether in the form of TV programmes, short-form mobile vignettes or online clips - is one of the top performers among all marketing strategies to reach women.

Through the development of high-value and bespoke creative content for clients to connect to audiences, NBCUniversal is the only entertainment network that comprehensively commits and remains relevant to the contemporary Asian womean and savvy marketers. the company's leading portfolio of female-focused channels, including global flagship brand Universal Channel, is complemented by bespoke programming and advertising solutions for clients who want to effectively reach the female consumers.

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