8 Things Your Blood Type Says About You

by - April 11, 2015

If you've spent countless hours watching Korean dramas, surely you've watched how some character described a person traits and manners by their blood type especially if someone irritates them. Koreans are a firm believer that blood type can influence your personality, it's part of their culture. So what is your personality based on your blood type?

What Does Your Blood Type Say About You?

By KoreabooMany South Koreans believe that an individual's blood type is linked to their personality traits. In light of that, do you know what your blood type says about you?
  • Type A: The Farmer

    By Koreaboo
    Type A's best traits are their punctuality, perfectionist tendencies, and various other qualities associated with being a good student. Their worst traits are their uptight nature & obsessiveness.
  • Type A: Extended Profile

    By Koreaboo
    Type As are usually described as being shy and secretive, preferring their own company to that of others. However, they are also highly considerate and patient, with extreme attention to detail.
  • Type B: The Nomad

    By Koreaboo
    Type B's best traits are their creativity, flexibility, individualism, and passionate nature. However, they tend to be self-centered, at times irresponsible, and impatient as well.
  • Type B: Extended Profile

    By Koreaboo
    Type Bs are extremely independent individuals that aren't bothered by the opinions of others. Unfortunately, type B men have a reputation as the bad boys of society, making them poor husband material.
  • Type AB: The Humanist

    By Koreaboo
    Type AB is associated with rationality and control. Positively described as the "cool" blood type, type AB individuals also exhibit negative traits of aloofness, indecisiveness, and overt criticality.
  • Type AB: Extended Profile

    By Koreaboo
    Individuals possessing this rare blood type think more with their heads than their hearts. Because of this, they may be especially judgemental and even unpredictable (exhibiting split personalities).
  • Type O: The Warrior

    By Koreaboo
    Type Os are believed to embody the positive traits of self-confidence, ambition, leadership, and general "people" skills. On the flip side, they may also be insensitive, arrogant, and overly dramatic.
  • Type O: Extended Profile

    By Koreaboo
    Type O individuals like to make their presence known in a room and are often considered to be natural-born leaders. They are very preoccupied with success, and are known to gamble and take risks.


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