The I ♥ Coffee Experience (First of A Series)

by - March 12, 2015

Note: This is a four-part blog series.
A good cup of coffee is one of life's greatest pleasure. Recently, i had the opportunity to taste a new unique blend of coffee as Essential Brands Group South East Asia (EBG SEA) celebrates its first year anniversary here in the Philippines. 

The celebration started with a presentation and lectures. Did you know that Africa is the birthplace of coffee? I didn't know that, i thought it was originally from Columbia or Brazil and then to learn that the Arabica we know started in Ethiopia is quite amazing. As i learned more about coffee, i appreciate it more now as i know its history. And EBG, with its vision of "share the luv through superior customer service and innovative world class brands" has brought this new coffee experience in the country.

We were then asked to choose from their selections what coffee we'd like to drink and as i glanced down the menu i decided to try "Flat White" and bypassed the Cappuccinos and the Macchiatos.

The Flat White was born during the 1980’s in Australia and New Zealand, though it’s been christened solely The Australian Coffee by the rest of the world. It is achieved by pouring milk that’s steamed until bubbles form creating what baristas call microfoam over a double shot of espresso. Similar to a Cappuccino, it’s less in volume and the milk has a more velvet-like texture.
The first sip was divine... It doesn't have a bitter aftertaste i usually get from other coffee blends and as you drink it more you can actually taste the creaminess of the dairy they used. The roasted coffee beans smells like heaven and this is one blend you wouldn't mind drinking at the start of your day and at the end of every meal.

Curious as ever, they showed us the coffee machines where this Flat White and Cappuccinos were made. I ♥ Coffee offer quality coffee machines and coffee grinders and they are all made in Italy. The coffee we drank that day were developed through their own unique roasting technique, utilizing the fluid bed system. This special blend comes from beans from different countries and roasting is done in Australia, We learned that this state of the art Roasting Machines makes three tonne of coffee per week and produces I Luv Coffee three signature blends. They also have a full range of Automatic Coffee Machines, Slush Machines and Frozen Yoghurt Machines.  (More on their machines and business opportunities in the next blog entry).

To show you one of their entry level machines that can be used for business and personal use is the Kronos which is built to give you superb lattes. There's no need for Barista with this machine!

How i wish i have one in my kitchen or study.

We were also treated to a demo of Coffee Art, those coffee art you sometime see on top of your lattes that makes it so hard for you to drink it because of its cuteness and intricacies.

Overall it is a great experience. Happy First Anniversary EBG SEA! And if you are interested you can actually have an on-site test so that you will be able to see the I Luv Coffee machines in action and taste their delicious coffee for yourself. 

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