One Night in Bangkok, 2010

by - March 13, 2015

We were so exhausted after more than 10 days at Colombo, Sri Lanka and we have a one night stop over at Bangkok before going back to Manila. After our arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport we headed straight to our hotel, The Four Seasons International, nope it did not live up to its New York hotel namesake so i wouldn't tell you all about it. My father always tell me not to say bad words towards people and places. We're supposed to to spend two days there but i opted to just go home and my friends just went along with me.

We decided to eat out and as we're traversing the busy streets of Bangkok we saw the Mabuhay Restaurant. We're kind of happy because we wanted to eat Filipino food. Upon entering we noticed this shelf full of Philippine snack foods, Chippy, Skyflakes even Lucky Me Noodles and when i asked how much it is i was kind of shocked to learn the price, i thought i might as well personally export these products and i will get rich!

Seeing that we were Filipinos, the lady spoke to us in Tagalog and asked our orders. What we saw in the menu  excited us. So we order Sinigang, Liempo, Fried Rice and Tortang Talong.

It was such a great meal or may be we just miss eating these foods. After that we went shopping and the next day we flew back home.

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